Fast fashion has been particularly unkind to the unique styles, and the personalization urges. 

In today’s era, no piece of clothing can be completely unique, which can make one feel not so special when the purpose of fashion is to make you feel prettier and more unique. But with the growing technological advances, one can now 3D print even clothes in their own personalization. 

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What is 3D Printing for clothing?

The creative potential is expanded by 3D printing, which makes digital clothes physical.

Using a desktop 3D printer, the clothing is manufactured layer by layer with flexible filament to create a three-dimensional structure that suits the body shape best.

What is Hong Kong PolyU doing?

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To overcome potential material constraints, the research project “Exploration of Fashion Design, Based on Textile 3D Printing” aims to blend complex polymers and soft fabrics.

According to the theory, anyone should be able to create personalized designs using various textiles and clothing. Additionally, the researchers were trying to figure out how to guarantee that the printed goods would be easily washable.

They collaborated with 3D printing company Stratasys and its fashion printer, the J850TM TechStyle, to make this possible using their 3D printed apparel.

How does 3D printing help the fashion industry?

Additive printing is intriguing for the fashion business since it makes it easier to work on fashion designs and produce beautiful items like clothing, accessories, and meshes.

The designers now have a great deal of geometric freedom because of this technology.

For various tasks in the fashion sector, for instance, elaborate designs can be made.

The fashion industry is beginning to embrace the full potential of 3D printing and to create intriguing products, ranging from shoes and accessories to 3D-printed garments.

Creating some of the clothing made possible by 3D printing technology would have been prohibitively expensive and complex.

3D printing is not only used for personalization and better fit but also for the material. The experimentation with the material can be immense and would. A few recent advances in 3D printing are developing anti-virus 3D material. This project was accomplished at Hong Kong Polytechnic University too.

How will it help the world?

This form of clothing can be recycled and reused much more readily, thanks to 3D printing, which is arguably one of its finest benefits. It indicates that the current “eye of Sauron” placed on premium apparel by fast fashion can be reassured.

Best Works of 3D Printed Fashion

  1. Spider Dress
Image Source: Sculpteo
  1. Biodegradable Regular Clothing
Image Source:
  1. Multi-color 3D printing for garments
Image Source: 3D Printing Industry
  1. New Gen Clothing
Image Source: Sculpteo
  1. Adidas X FutureCraft 4D
Image Source: Sculpteo

3D printing technology is the rise of new age fashion and expands the horizons of creativity. The technology enables more creative freedom for artists and designers to reflect their work in practicality. The rise in this 3D printing will only ensure better fashion and lesser trends since it provides a chance to be bolder with a unique fashion statement that personalizes your experiences and converts them into a wearable format for you. 

Fashion collectively makes us a part of a herd but to stand out in the herd is also a doing of style. 


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