4 Bengal tiger cubs released today


In the early hours of Monday, 4 cubs of Bengal tiger were released in open. The Bengal tiger cubs were released in the Bengal safari near Siliguri on Monday. The decision to release the cubs of the Bengal tiger was made by the authority of West Bengal zoo and carefully after doing various trials.. 

During the trial process for releasing the cubs, the behavior of the cubs was studied. Post this, the decision was taken to release the cubs into the public space. The tiger cubs were approximately 6 months old.

Bengal tiger

Bengal Tiger

 According to sources, the 6-month-old cubs were released after analyzing the behavior of the cubs. According to the sources, it was the perfect age at which the cubs should be released into the wild. The cubs are free to roam in free space now.

The mother of the 4 cubs, Shila is in the park for nearly 6 years. She had recently given birth to 4 cubs in march 2022. 

Sources claim there are all 5 female tigresses in the park namely Shila, Rika, Kika, Tejal, and Tara. Apart from the 5 female tigresses, there is 1 male tiger named Bevan. Bevan is the only male tiger present in the park. Recently, there are 5 more male tigers added to the park.

The male tigers are named Shiva, Sera, T1, T2, T3 and including Bevan, there are a total of 6 male Bengal tigers in the park. According to ANI, director of Bengal Safari Park, Dewa Sangmu Sherpa, the cubs were released in the presence of the forest department minister Jyoti Priya Mallick and the other authority figures of the foresrt department. 

A similar kind of incident has happened previously as well. Previously, few of them were released. Before releasing the cubs, their behavior was studied. As the behaviors of the cubs were found to be normal, the decision of releasing them was taken by the authorities.

Mr. Sherpa, an authorized person of the forest department believes that the tiger cubs would be the center of attraction for all the people visiting the park. People will be having an enjoyable experience at the Safari. A zoo authority says that the park has already got approval from the Zoo authority. 

Now, the park is awaiting the approval of the Central Zoo authority for the Lion Safari and Sloth bear safari which will be starting soon.

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