5 Lifestyle Hacks for tackling COVID 19


The COVID 19 outbreak has thrown us into a pandemic era. Lockdowns, facemasks and social distancing have become the norm. While you may have steered clear of the infection, the coronavirus is sure to have impacted your life in various ways.

Our everyday lives went from nine-to-five desk jobs, schools and socialising to reclusive living inside our own homes with minimal interaction. Adjusting ourselves took a heavy toll on our physical and psychological wellbeing.

Nearly two years after the first Covid case, the world is opening back up. The danger of the virus isn’t gone, but despite this, the show must go on.

While the prospect of life resuming as it used to seem hopeful, the shift in our lifestyles may have caused us to be fearful and anxious about mundane things.

Here are some facts and hacks you can follow that will help you find a silver lining amid the chaotic changes:

1. Double-masking and mask chains protect you and others

Masking suppresses transmission of the coronavirus, so they have become mandatory. Although countries like the US have relaxed on compulsory masking, India’s situation still requires masks even after full vaccination doses.

Double Masking

Double masking is the use of both cloth and surgical mask for best filtration. It prevents air leakage and covers the parts that a single mask does not.

A simple hack that comes in handy is using mask chains to keep your masks in check and never lost.

Similar to spectacle and sunglass holders, mask chains clip onto the ear loops and dangle on your neck to keep the mask from falling. They also keep us from touching the front of the mask while removing it, which is safer and more efficient.

Mask chains ensure your masks are always nearby when needed, and they’re fashionable too!

2. Take your own utensils along

No, you don’t need your whole kitchenware for dinner outside. Things like water bottles, a spoon and a fork and reusable straws come in handy when you’re out and about in a pandemic.

This is not a time to be sharing cups and eating from the same plates. You don’t have to be hyper-aware in restaurants, but being careful can go a long way.

When you bring your own bottle, straws and a to-go spoon and fork, you protect yourself and the environment.

3. Your immune systems can fight the virus

immune systems

There is always a chance of contracting the virus, no matter how careful you are. To tackle it and survive, your immune systems need to be strong and defensive. Some ways to boost your immunity are:

  • Reduce stress. Anxiety and stress put pressure on your body, which can decrease your immunity.
  • Eat a healthy diet with essential nutrients. Vitamin D improves your body’s healing abilities so stocking up on it lowers your infection risk.
  • Get proper rest and exercise as much as you can. The pandemic might limit your outdoor activities, but regular stretching, yoga, and a good night sleep can build up your body’s defences.

4. Invest your time in things you couldn’t do before

This is not so much a hack but rather a reminder. One positive outcome from the lockdown situation is spending quality time with your family.

Our pre-pandemic selves might’ve been too busy, overworked or worn out to invest our time with our loved ones. We can turn around our dark times by focusing on rebuilding our strained relationships.

This also means focusing on ourselves. Read the book you had no time for, make art, write songs. Do the things you did not allow yourself before. This will give you a healthier mind and reduce your stress and anxiety.

5. You protect others by staying safe

While you may walk free and healthy again after contracting the virus, others you have infected might not be so lucky. Unbeknownst to us, we could be transmitters/ carriers of COVID 19, so it is crucial that everyone does their part in staying safe.

You protect others by staying safe

Wash your hands regularly, follow social distancing rules when required, wear masks and stay in as much as you can.

Doctors and frontline workers are running round the clock tending COVID patients. When you protect yourself, you protect the people around you. Stay safe, safe lives.

Himhimi C
Himhimi C
Lalchhanhimi or Himhimi as she goes by is a 2nd-year B.A. student majoring in English Language and Literature at Pachhunga University College. She was born and raised in the hilly areas of Aizawl, Mizoram and currently resides at Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl with her family. An avid lover of Arts and Literature, Himhimi has tried her hand in poetry, story writing and the likes throughout her academic journey. She runs a WordPress blog by the name 'acorndews' where she expresses her creativity freely without the barriers of formal templates and formats. Through her works and writings, she hopes to connect with other souls who may share a similar passion for the art of writing.


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