7 terrorists and 2 soldiers killed in two separate military operations: Pakistan 


7 terrorists and 2 soldiers killed in two separate military operations: Pakistan 


Kumari jagriti Sourya,05th October 2022

Islamabad: Pakistani military powers have killed seven terrorists in two separate encounters in the country’s northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa territory, the military said.

The Inter-Services Public Relations(ISPR), the media wing of the Pakistani military, said on Tuesday in a statement that in the first incident territories started shooting at a tactical caravan in the Hassan Khel region of the common capital of Peshawar.

After Jaishankar calls Pakistan ‘master in worldwide psychological oppression’, Islamabad issues a reaction.

“Troops started a brief reaction, really connected with and killed three fear-based oppressors,” said the ISPR, adding that two fighters likewise lost their lives during the trading of fire. The ISPR said that weapons and ammo were seized from the killed fear-based oppressors, Xinhua news organization announced.

In the second experience the security staff shot dead four psychological oppressors in trade of discharge in the Tank locale of the territory, the ISPR added.






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