Affordable Fashion Designers for Every Indian Wedding


We all know the importance of looking the best at an Indian Wedding. After all, Indian weddings are all about enjoying the food, looking good, taking selfies and have a good time.

Even in the middle of the lockdown, weddings are still going on, and hence the topic is relevant. We will be talking about some affordable Fashion Designers for Indian Weddings that you can refer to for your perfect outfits for functions like Mehandi, Sangeet, Cocktail party and the wedding itself.

Moreover, no matter what you wear, you can only look stylish when your inner personality is vital. So it’s essential to choose such outfits, and only a designer can give you exert level guidance about them.

All the fashion designers I will be named here are affordable for an average Indian family. Apart from calling them, I will also be providing information about them so that you can make the best decision for your big day and look your absolute best.

Listed below are five such fashion designers in India who are affordable for an average Indian middle-class family. All these five fashion designers are renowned for their fashion sensibilities while being not too hard on the budget.

1.    Payal Singhal

Payal Singhal is one such designer who has been Interested in this industry since a young age. She has been in this industry for the last 15 years and is achieving new heights every day because of her long-lasting lists of clients waiting to book her for the whole Fashion. Her collections are strongly influenced by the Indian touch imbibed into the modern trend of the world. Her groups are robust, gorgeous and will make anyone turn their heads.

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2.    Gaurang Shah

The best thing about Gaurang Shah is he is a self-taught designer, and his techniques and collections have this creative touch. From working day and night in his father’s saree shop to surprising everyone at the Lakme Fashion week, his group is achieved because of his love for Fashion. He has shown the whole country the importance and the fashion trend behind Khadi. He has come a long way, and he has achieved it all just because of his hard work and love for Fashion.

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3.    Ritu Kumar

She is the first fashion designer in India who made boutiques famous in the country. She started her fashion journey 40 years back. Yes, you heard that right! Ritu Kumar gave new heights to ancient Indian Fashion by giving them a modern look and, at the same time, not being too hard on the pocket because she wants to make Fashion reachable for the average Indian Middle-Class family. She also has an award in her name.

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4.    Aanchal Kohli

The Indian Fashion Industry has been watching for a designer like her for quite a while now. Her idea of Fashion is creative and raw at the same place. Her efforts to bridge the gap between the old and the new are commendable. She has become like wildfire in the country now. You will get the ideal balance of Ethnic and contemporary in her collections for Indian Weddings.

5.    Pernia Qureshi

It is really a daydream come true for any bride looking for an affordable fashion designer to book for their wedding. If you are into elegant designs, then Pernia Qureshi is one such fashion designer for you. Pernia Qureshi has the capabilities to take your wedding dresses to another level. Pernia’s choices of colours that can dwell with the surroundings in an Indian Wedding is astonishing.

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Shilpa Sharma
Shilpa Sharma
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