AIIMS Delhi is now running on manual mode, additional staff are stationed to run diagnostics, labs and OPD services - Dr DK Sharma .

Doctor Says

On Saturday, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi administrations said that as its servers remained recessed for the fourth successive day due to a suspected ransomware attack, they’ve stationed additional manpower to run diagnostics, labs and OPD services at the national medical institute.

The institute’s medical supervisor, Dr D K Sharma announced that they’ve redeployed more staff to contend OPD and Diagnostics services due to increased manual work.

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According to him, More cases have been seen in comparison to digital records since the day the server went down. Patients want that doctors should see them timely, and currently the hospital is handling accounts manually the way that they used to do before there was any high technical provision.

Dr. Sharma further said that in the last three days, they’ve attended nearly 12,000 cases on a day-to-day basis – which is even more than earlier since now the patients aren’t required to take an appointment.The medical supervisor explained that the hospital has opened their registers again and kept the records and datas periodically. Before they used to dispatch the reports with the help of e-Hospital to different places but now they are seeing the sample reports on the computer and taking those reports and transferring them directly.

Current Situation

On Friday, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) also joined the ongoing disquisition into the contended ransomware attack, with agencies including Delhi Police, the India Computer Emergency Response Team( CERT- IN), Intelligence Bureau, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Ministry of Home Affairs( MHA), formerly probing the incident.

The internet services at the institute are likely to remain suspected on the recommendations from the disquisition agencies.A fresh set of Standard operating procedures (SOP) was issued by AIIMS on Thursday, which says admission, discharge and transfer of cases will be done manually at the hospital till the E-Hospital is down.


The hospital assured that the latest SOPs states everything is done in man-made mode till E-Hospital is down including the admission, discharge and transfer and everything else is to be done manually at AIIMS, New Delhi.

What happened?

Earlier on Wednesday, AIIMS reported a failure in its server. The server has been down since Wednesday, and the officers have been manually managing the OPD and sampling collection.

The AIIMS said that measures to restore the online services are on and it has also sought support from Indian Computer Emergency Response Team( CERT- In) and National Informatics Centre( NIC) on the same. As per the statement given by the hospital , all the services are running on manual mode presently as the servers for the National Informatics Centre’s Hospital which are being used at AIIMS, New Delhi are down at the moment due to which inpatient and outpatient digital hospital services including, smart lab, billing, report generation, appointment system, etc, have been affected.

AIIMS in a statement said measures have been taken to restore the digital services by the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT- In) and National Informatics Centre( NIC).They further said that as per the account , the sickroom services are running on manual mode as of 7:30 pm and AIIMS and NIC assured that they will take all the necessary actions to safeguard to prohibit similar attacks in future.

The outpatient department (OPD) and sample collection manually is being handled by the staff but those who don’t have a Unique Health Identification are facing problems in this regard. The administration is also facing problems in admission and discharge of cases.

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