TIME 100 Next has released its updated list for 2022. The list consists of 100 promising leaders who emerged in a short span. The reports have confirmed that the chairman of Jio, Akash Ambani, will be one of the 100 leaders on TIME’s list.

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Every year, TIME 100 Next updates the list of the most promising leaders who contribute to sustainable development and innovation. This is done to recognize the emerging leaders who have contributed to the world.


Leaders considered by the TIME 100 Next

The TIME 100 recognizes leaders in the arts, government, medicine, and business. Irrespective of their diverse backgrounds, they are considered for their unique contribution to development.

These leaders are the icons of future development. The journalists chose from a list of 100 leaders from various backgrounds. However, they only look at the contribution made to the development of society.

The only Indian featured in Time 100 Next

A well-known industrialist and the CEO of Jio Company will be the only Indian to be featured in TIME 100 Next.

As the CEO of the telecom company, Akash A. has worked day and night to bring sustainability. It is an honour for all the efforts that he has made in the telecom industry.

Reports say that he was given the opportunity to take over the CEO position at the early age of 22. However, he managed to bring the growth that the company was targeting.

What is more fascinating is that Akash has been a part of and played a crucial role in investing in large firms like Google and Facebook.

It is expected that if he continues to sustain at the same pace, he might be the inseparable andleading company among the other networks of Jio.

Through his constant hard work and dedication, Akash Ambani will be featured in the TIME 100 Next, which has indeed made him “the pride of India”.

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