Apple’s analyst Mark Gurman speculates that the company may be prepping its new headset at the expense of its existing products, which may see fewer improvements this year.

Apple has been working on new headset-based goods for a while now, and it is widely thought that the company is moving closer to releasing a mixed-reality AR headset with VR capabilities. It’s now believed that Apple will soon unveil its hardware.

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Apple’s long-rumored augmented and virtual reality headgear is almost ready after years of research. Prior to its annual WWDC conference in June, Apple intends to introduce the device this spring, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. 

Mixed-reality headset: Features

Apple apparently shared the headgear with a select group of well-known software developers, giving them an early peek at its new “xrOS” operating system, as a hint that a launch is finally in the works. Gurman anticipates Apple will release “Reality Pro” in the fall after making the announcement in the spring. The 2,47,096 rupees headgear is anticipated to offer both augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences utilizing Apple’s upcoming xrOS operating system.

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Gurman’s prediction corroborates the assertions made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last week that the development of the headset is being slowed down “because of concerns with mechanical component drop testing and the availability of software development tools.” Several claims regarding the headset’s potential features have surfaced in recent months, including iris recognition for logins and purchases and a tactile dial that will allow you to exit VR.

The AirPods Pro integration might enable “an ultra-low-latency mode” when the earbuds are used with the headset, according to a report from The Information. It could not include a gaming controller and be more work-oriented than gaming, similar to the 1,23,465 rupees Meta Quest Pro. However, Gurman claims that the hardware, software, and services of the gadget still have “many quirks to sort out,” which is delaying Apple’s other initiatives.

Apple’s 2023 Products Update

The remainder of Apple’s 2023 product range will be impacted by the last-minute rush to get the headset out the door. Due to Apple reassigning software developers to the xrOS team, the upcoming release of the company’s iOS operating system is probably going to have “fewer big changes than initially intended.” The same holds true for macOS 14, Gurman continues.

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There are no upcoming “of note” improvements from the firm for the iPad, Apple Watch, or audio lines. Although new iPad Pro versions with OLED panels are coming, according to Gurman, they probably won’t happen until 2024. He expresses his concern that the next Apple Silicon MacPro would be “yet another letdown.” According to reports, the next desktop will have the same look as its 2019 forerunner and owing to Apple’s M-series chipset architecture, you won’t be able to expand the computer’s RAM on your own.

This year, Apple is also anticipated to introduce a new HomePod, although Gurman advises against “expecting anything innovative about it.” It might only have an S8 processor, an upgraded touch control panel, and cheaper pricing. The outcome might be a quieter year for new products, and it could also be the reason Apple didn’t meet its target of moving away from Intel-powered CPUs in less than two years.

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