Apple’s Upcoming Satellite Feature Will be Helpful in Crisis


Apple aims to create satellite features in the iPhones to assist in emergency situations.

Apple’s Quest Towards Using Satellite Technology

As the month of September approaches, the excitement for the grand reveal of an Apple product intensifies. Significant rumours of the launch of iPad 9 with a Titanium finish from the inside is gaining popularity.

However, there are more advancements on the way from the company. Apple has reportedly been tremendously working hard on satellite technology for years. According to reports, a team has been working since 2017 to explore and analyse the concept.

Lately, there have been rumours that the future iPhones will be equipped with satellite technology.

This speculation arose after the TF International Securities analyst  Ming-Chi Kuo stated that the phone would work with American satellite communications company Globalstar Inc.

This has led fans and tech gurus to speculate that the new iPhone might be equivalent to a satellite phone. It also indicates that iPhone users no longer need to depend on cellular networks to use the internet or make phone calls.

However, as of now, the capacity of satellite technology will be limited in scope as Apple plans to primarily address emergency situations.

Here’s All We Know About the Emergency Features

Reports also state that the company is creating two emergency features using the satellite networks on the future iPhones. Apple’s vision is to create emergency facilities that will allow its users to report or message first responders in areas without cellular networks.

Being an ambitious project, the emergency features are unlikely to be available until next year. Although the idea of having satellite communication on the iPhones can be made possible, the features are not officially guaranteed by the company.

They can be resorted to change or removed entirely even before they are released. Apple is yet to comment on the subject.

According to the article on the Mint, the first feature of the two emergency features is tentatively named “Emergency Message via Satellite”, which will help users send texts via satellite technology in places where there is no cellular network available.

It will incredibly help in reporting emergency scenarios and prevent crimes. The feature will be given as an option in the messaging app along with the iMessage and standard SMS feature.

Said to have a grey message bubble, the phone will have the feature alongside the existing blue and green messaging shades. In comparison, the second feature will help people report crisis situations like airplane crashes, fire breakouts etc.

Both the features will be relying on satellite availability and local framework. Reported that the components may not work in all countries, there are speculations of a mechanism that will indicate people to go outdoors to help the iPhone connect to a satellite.

More From the Company

The tentative emergency features of the Apple iPhones are incredibly innovative and impressive.

If Apple is successful in its implementation, it will significantly help communicate with people during emergency cases and aid in disaster management.  It is a technological development that will be inevitable in the coming years.

Apart from these futuristic goals of Apple, the company is set to launch new iPhone versions in the coming month of September and will reportedly have improved features like an updated Face ID system and a faster processor along with upgraded camera hardware and software.

Yatila Jamir
Yatila Jamir
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