As the Delta Variant Spreads, China approves first mixed Vaccine trials.


As the spread of Delta Variant is raising concerns in China about their domestically produced vaccines, China’s drug regulator has approved the first mixed vaccine trials.  

Advaccine Biopharmaceuticals Suzhou put out a statement on Tuesday. According to the report, the Vaccine made by China’s Sinovac will be combined with a DNA based vaccine made by US pharmaceutical company Inovio.

The efficacy of this mixed Vaccine will be tested in the trials.

In the Statement, Advaccine Chairman Wang Bin also said, “pre-Clinical work has found that two different vaccine applications produce an even stronger and more balanced immune response”. 

According to the World Health Organization, there is still not enough evidential data to conclude that the use of mixed vaccines is safe or that it can prompt a better immune response. 

The spread of Delta Variant in China 

Months after China declared victory over the Pandemic, millions of Chinese citizens are being tested again.

The Delta variant is spreading across the country and is being called the worst outbreak since the virus outbreak in Wuhan last year.

Local officials are being blamed for this spread, and more than 40 have already been punished, including heads of local governments, members of health commissions etc. 

More than 20 cities in China have reported a fresh outbreak, and more than a hundred new infections were detected on Tuesday alone.

In July, over 300 cases were found, and in August, almost 700 hundred new cases have been reported. In less than a month, China has recorded more than a thousand cases.  

However, the surge in cases remains high despite China’s vaccination record. China claims to have administered 1.6 billion vaccine doses across the country.

This surge, despite rapid vaccination, has raised several questions regarding China’s domestically produced vaccine jabs.

Sinovac and Sinopharm are under immense scrutiny as they are the backbone of China’s vaccination strategy. 

Chinese citizens who have already been vaccinated are now testing positive for the Delta variant.

A virus outbreak occurred at the Shanghai Airport recently with some breakthrough infections.

Data about the conditions are still unknown, and there is also no information regarding the efficacy of the Vaccine produced in China.

Other Countries that have used the Vaccine produced by Sinovac are now resorting to boosters. Countries like UAE, Turkey, Mongolia who relied on these vaccines are giving boosters.

Health workers in Indonesia who received the Sinovac Vaccine are now given a booster from Moderna. This was because several Doctors were infected with the virus recently. 

There are currently several types of Vaccines for COVID19. There are vaccines with the inactivated or weakened virus to generate an immune response.

There are also vaccines with more advanced RNA or DNA based that use engineered versions of the genetic code of coronavirus to create a protein that prompts an immune response. 

The five vaccines out of seven that have been approved in China are two-shot inactivated vaccines.

The efficacy of these vaccines is much lesser than the RNA based vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, which had 90% efficacy before the new Delta Variant.

Inovio has also not published any data regarding efficacy from its global clinical trials. It is the first DNA based Vaccine that is going to go through trials in China. 

Beijing is still yet to approve foreign vaccines for Domestic use. However, the new Delta Variant outbreak in China has led to a call for China’s biggest Pharmaceutical Company and vaccine producers, privately owned Sinovac and State-run Sinopharm.

The pharmaceutical giants of China are being called to provide data and evidence that their vaccine jabs act as a shield against the Delta variant. 

Isha Saha
Isha Saha
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