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The third patient survived HIV after receiving Virus resistant cells in 2023 - Asiana Times

A 53-year-old German man has become at least the third person with HIV to be declared HIV-free after having his bone marrow cells replaced with HIV-resistant stem cells from a donor. source code: The mutation effectively makes immune cells immune to the virus because HIV enters immune cells through that protein. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) has been given to HIV patients for a long time with the goal of reducing the virus to levels that are almost undetectable and stopping its spread to others. The immune system, on the other hand, keeps the virus in reservoirs all over the body.…

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Jaya Prada Slams Azam Khan say, He will Pay for His Sins - Asiana Times

Jaya Prada, an actress turned politician, made fun of Azam Khan by claiming that the troubled leader of the Samajwadi Party: He would have to “pay for his sins” and be punished for what he had done. On Sunday, the reporter who was in town for a program spoke with the former Rampur MP. She stated, “While there shouldn’t be so much power arrogance that one forgets to respect women and begins to do injustice to the poor and the downtrodden.” There are differences between parties in politics. Source: Wiki “Abdullah Azam, the son of Azam Khan, does not respect…

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