Author: G Brinda

G Brinda is currently a second-year History Hons student at Lady Shri Ram College. A cute-bubbly person who is still a kid at heart, looking to touch the stars. She is an avid reader and writer, who writes because she has a story to tell and words carry magic. A feminist at heart, she is yet to come out of the rebellious teenage self.

Understanding and analyzing Amit Shah's J&K visit - Asiana Times

Last week, people in Jammu and Kashmir welcomed Union Home Minister Amit Shah with wide arms as he landed there with panache. Undoubtedly, given the security situation, this was one of the most successful visits to Jammu and Kashmir by any Union minister. We must be aware of how, in 2013, the night before Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s visit to the Valley, 13 people were assassinated. Such murders were an indicator of the populace’s discontent as they sought to send a message to the world that Indian officials were not welcome in their country. This time, however, no more killings…

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Kannada Award

Kailasavadivoo Sivan, the “rocket man” of India and former head of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), is one of the 67 recipients of the Kannada Rajyotsava award this year. A gold medal, citation, and a monetary prize of Rs. 1 lakh are included with the honor, which will be presented on November 1. 

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Rise in UK bonds record with Appointment of Rishi Sunak as PM - Asiana Times

Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, easily won the election to succeed Liz Truss as prime minister on Monday, removing at least one potential source of concern for bond investors. On Sunday and Monday, Sunak’s opponents, former prime minister Boris Johnson and cabinet minister Penny Mordaunt withdrew from the contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party. The announcement that Rishi Sunak, a former finance minister, had won the competition caused Gilt to briefly spike. Even though they eventually lost ground, they kept the large gains they had made earlier in the day when Sunak’s triumph appeared more possible. Following…

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A well-known medical expert has advised caution in light of the identification of sub-variants of the quickly escalating Omicron coronavirus illness.Even though the majority of Omicron infections reported are milder and less dangerous than the previous COVID variations, new, developing forms of the Omicron have once again drawn attention and people are being reminded that COVID is not yet eradicated

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Taylor Swift scripts history - Asiana Times

Making history, Taylor Swift is the first artist to have all 10 of the top songs on the Billboard Hot 100, with “Anti-Hero” at the top. Midnights, Taylor Swift’s tenth studio album, was released in October. The top song on the Billboard Hot 100 song chart is Anti-Hero.

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'Offensive News' on social media about govt. - Asiana Times

The public can interact with news, share their ideas, and discover other people’s viewpoints in online comment sections. About the demographics that populate internet comment sections, little is currently known. Who makes online remarks, and why? Who reads comments made online? What do the general public’s opinions on the best practices in this area? The demographics, opinions, and behaviours of those who make up the online commenting community are discussed in this paper using data from a nationally representative sample of commentators and comment readers. The government and social media go together like bread and butter. Why? Because social media…

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