Author: Nanda J. Devan

Nanda J is a passionate writer who is interested in researching the social issues and bringing them to light providing a narrative that is unbiased and multilateral. She is a law student from Kochi and also a playback singer in the Malayalam entertainment industry.

The state of Kerala is ready to launch temporary shelters in the various panchayats to house stray dogs which cause a menace to the public. The authorities have decided to set up and create small shelter houses across the different panchayats instead of creating a single large shelter house to the dogs. The rabies infection has spread quickly across the state as the virus was identified in 168 of 300 samples tested in the State Institute for Animal Disease at Palod in Thiruvananthapuram. Their minister MB Rajesh will chair a higher-level meeting on Monday to discuss the stray dog menace…

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marvel drops secret invasion teaser

The much awaited secret invasion trailer dropped today and fans are out of their minds. The teaser follows a dark themed version of marvel which we have seldom witnessed. Secret invasion is the newly announced series starring Samuel L Jackson as the SHIELD agent Nick Fury and Ben Mendelsohn as the Skrull Talos who we met in “Captain Marvel”. In Secret Invasion, we can look forward to meeting the skrulls again who have been infiltrating the Earth for years. The main problem is that they cannot identify who the enemy is because Skrulls have a quality of shape shifting, which…

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