Author: Nimisha Sharma

Nimisha Sharma

I am pursuing my higher secondary classes that is in 12th standard. I am a passionate, hardworking, goal oriented person. I am good at communication, writing skills, public speaking and I love to explore new things as I am always a curious being. I am a chatter box about the topics which are neglected by the society.

By Nimisha Sharma | When we hear or consider the word “positive,” most people probably think “happy.” However, happiness isn’t the sole style of positivity. There are many ways to be more positive in your life, even when you’re experiencing despondency,  annoyance , or provocation .

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By Nimisha Sharma | In this era everyone is busy on their own. Everyone worries at least once about school grades, financial matters, relationship troubles with friends or family members. However, if you are getting lost in your thoughts often, it may signify you have overthinking.

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