Author: Rishika Gupta


Rishika is a second-year law student studying at Jindal Global Law School. She writes on law and crime, politics, and international affairs for Asiana Times. She is very invested in current affairs and is passionate about her work.

Breaking the Impasse: China Offers to Mediate Israel-Palestine Peace Talks. - Asiana Times

For decades, the Israel-Palestine conflict has been a major source of tension and instability in the Middle East. Despite numerous attempts at resolving the issue, little progress has been made toward achieving lasting peace between these two arch-rivals. However, amidst this deadlock, China recently offered to mediate peace talks between Israel and Palestine. This move caught many by surprise but could potentially bring about much-needed reconciliation and stability to the region. In this blog post, we’ll explore China’s role in this conflict and discuss whether mediation is a viable solution for breaking the impasse. Background of the Israel-Palestine Conflict The…

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SC allows commercial enterprises to raise consumer disputes - Asiana Times

Source- Law Street Journal In a recent landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of India has cleared the way for commercial enterprises to raise disputes with consumers. This move is expected to have a significant impact on profit generation for businesses and consumer protection in the country. With this decision, both businesses and consumers need to be aware of their rights, responsibilities, and how they can benefit or suffer from this new development. What does this ruling entail for commercial enterprises and consumers alike and what are its potential implications for Indian society as a whole? What is the ruling? The…

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The Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage: Legislative Power vs. Judicial Recognition in India - Asiana Times

LGBTQ+ Community in IndiaThe Role of the Judiciary in same-sex marriage RecognitionThe role of the legislature in same-sex marriage recognition Same-sex marriage has been a contentious issue in India for several years, with both supporters and opponents fiercely debating the legal and social implications of granting same-sex couples the right to marry. While progress has been made through judicial recognition, legislative power remains a crucial factor in determining the legal sanctity of same sex marriage in India. In this blog post, we’ll explore the ongoing debate over same-sex marriage and examine the roles played by both the judiciary and legislature…

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