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Agnipath rallies may be suspended if there is no local support. - Asiana Times

While recruitment rallies continued in Ludhiana in August, one is currently taking place in Gurdaspur (September1–14), and another is slated to take place in Patiala (September 17–30). The current situation of the Agnipath rallies A Jalandhar-based officer has informed the Punjab administration that the state’s recruiting rallies for the temporary Agnipath programme may be kept in remand or moved to neighbouring states. Major General Sharad Bikram Singh wrote on September 8 to V K Janjua, the chief secretary for Punjab, and Kumar Rahul, the principal secretary for employment creation, skill development, and training, Major General Sharad Bikram Singh, Zonal Recruitment…

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Supreme Court of India

Senior Attorney Yusuf Muchhala argued that the High Court of Karnataka should not have decoded the religious texts in front of Justices Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia. The ban on hijab in Karnataka educational institutions  On Monday, the Supreme Court in New Delhi highlighted that the Karnataka High Court, which approved the ban on the hijab in educational institutions, was compelled to interpret the Quran on the grounds of basic religious practices. Senior Attorney Yusuf Muchhala disagreed that a bench of Justices, namely, Hemant Gupta and Sudhanshu Dhulia should not have heard the Karnataka High Court’s interpretation of religious literature.…

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<strong>What is Robotic Process Automation?</strong> - Asiana Times

Robotic Process Automation, commonly known as RPA, is revolutionizing the world of software much like how actual robots have been changing the world we live in every day. Robotic Process Automation simplifies everyday tasks that can be laborious just like how a vending machine dispenses a variety of items that a user wants in a time-saving manner, on and on again. Instead of a storekeeper standing behind a desk performing the same tasks repetitively, vending machines conveniently dispense a wide range of products innumerable times. RPA requires zero human interaction to function. When a conventional calculator requires partial human involvement…

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What surprised Eric Garcia about Robert Lewandowski in Barcelona?

Who is Eric Garcia? Eric Garcia is a 21-year-old professional footballer of Spanish origins. Eric Garcia is a defender who plays center back for La Liga team Barcelona and the Spain national team. At the age of 17, Garcia transferred from Barcelona to the City of Manchester. He made his first appearance in the Premier League on September 21, 2019. He won the league and came second in the UEFA Champions League in his final season with the team. Garcia returned to Barcelona on a free transfer in June 2021 after his contract expired. In 2008, Eric Garcia joined the…

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