Author: Smrithi U Kumar

Pursuing Masters in English, she lives in a world of creating content and passing it out to the world. Completed course in creative writing and learning about digital marketing, she keeps up with the changing trend.

India- Innovation Index 2022: Karnataka Tops the List

In India Innovation Index 2022 Karnataka has topped the list under the “Major States” category. Chandigarh leads in the city-state and union territories category whereas Manipur has secured the top position in “North East and the Hill States.” On 21 July 2022, India Innovation Index was released in the third edition of NITI Aayog. India’s struggle to achieve an innovative economy commenced strengthening its position of India compared to the Global Innovation Index (GII). Index of 2022 was released by NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Suman Bery in which Karnataka, Chandigarh, and Manipur bagged their categories.    Besides Vice Chairman member…

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India as an Aid Giver and Good Neighbor to Sri Lanka.

India extends support to Sri Lanka to overcome these unprecedented times. Fighting a battle of economic crisis and dearth of supplies, the Lankan people have decided to overthrow their present government. India has always been a good neighbor to Sri Lanka and now being an aid giver.  Extending Hands amidst Chaos  India has been supporting Sri Lanka by providing its people with basic requirements ranging from oil, medicine, and food supplies. Taking over the role of a friendly neighbor, India’s support extends by contributing over US$ 3.8 billion to tackle the economic crisis. Alongside, India is closely following the developments…

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Explained: PIVOT for “Personalized Cancer Diagnosis” Developed by IIT Madras.

PIVOT, an Artificial Intelligence-based tool has been developed by researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT). The tool has the potential to identify cancer-causing genes in a person.  The tool also helps in conducting personalized cancer diagnosis strategies. Termed PIVOT, the AI tool was developed by a team of researchers at IIT Madras whose work has been published in Frontiers in Genetics, a peer-reviewed journal. PIVOT could identify the genes responsible for causing cancer in humans. This process of identification is based on information like mutating capacity, copy number, and expressions of genes. Furthermore, detection of perturbations that…

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Project ‘DIGI YATRA’: Embrace hassle-free travel across the sky.

Project ‘DIGI YATRA’ enables paperless and contactless processing at airports all over India. Envisaging the vision of the new normal world, the project embraces Facial Recognition Technology (FRT). Bangalore and Varanasi stood first to roll out the project on August 15 this year. The Ministry of Civil Aviation conducted a Consultative Committee meeting on the topic ‘DIGI YATRA’. Held in New Delhi, the members of the parliament cum committee participated to enhance some valuable aspects of this project. The system, also termed Digi Yatra Central Economy (DYCE), was initially established in 2019 by Digi Yatra Foundation (DYF). Defining ‘DIGI YATRA’ …

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Struck by the Covid-19 Waves: Hospitalizations Double in Europe.

The relief from Covid-19 pandemic has not yet begun as cases triple and hospitalizations double in European nations. Omicron Variants sweep across the continent for the past six-weeks which has resulted in nearly half of infection worldwide.  A prolonged pandemic period is expected as the virus mutates into a super-infectious omicron variant. This has brought in a new wave across Europe and is positing a huge risk to the population. Assumptions claim that the rise in hospitalizations is likely to increase during the autumn and winter months. Furthermore, this could lead to a great challenge for the frontline workers with…

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India towards Milestone: An Exponential Rise in Vaccination

Crossing a milestone of 200 crore Covid-19 vaccinations, India the next 75 days commencing from July 15 before celebrating Indian Independence are the days to be remembered. Soon after the government made the booster dose free to all adults, an exponential rise in the number of vaccination was experienced along the passage. Indeed, one of the greatest achievements for India.  After crossing the milestones in the two vaccination drives held in January 2021 and October 2021, India set out to reach the next milestone on July 17, 2021, by administering over 2 billion Covid-19 booster doses. Furthermore, a hashtag followed…

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