After accepting Radha Krishna Mathur’s abdication on February 12, the President of India named 83- time-old Mr. Mishra as the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh.

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Mr.Mishra, who was once the governor of Arunachal Pradesh, succeeded Radha Krishna Mathur as the second LG of Ladakh after Mathur, who held office for three years, from October 31, 2019, to February 11, 2023, abnegated as a result of Ladakh’s secession from Jammu and Kashmir.


Chief administrative council members of the Kargil and Leh Autonomous Hill Development Councils, MP Ladakh, the LG’s counsel, all executive registers, and other dignitaries were reportedly present, according to the Leh Directorate of Information and Public Relations

(Dr.) BD Mishra(Ret.warrant)’s of appointment as the Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh was read out loud by counsel Umang Narula, it stated. In addition, the Ladakh police presented the LG with a guard of honour

BD Mishra , a former brigadier

BD Mishra, a former brigadier in the Indian Army, served as the NSG’s Counter Hijack Force’s (also known as the Black Cat Commandos) former commander.

Mishra, who was born in Uttar Pradesh on July 20, 1939, has a PhD from Jiwaji University in Gwalior, an Mama from Allahabad University, and an M.Sc. from Madras University. He has five times of experience tutoring at the graduate and postgraduate situations at the Defence Services Staff College in Wellington and the College of Combat in Mhow. also, he has an LL.B. from the University of Delhi.

Mishra’s service in the Indian Army ended on July 31, 1995, after it had started on December 17, 1961, as a endless regular army officer. On July 20, 1939, he was born.

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On April 24, 1993, at Raja Sansi Airport in Amritsar, Mishra was in charge of the NSG( Black Cat Commandos) Counter Hijack Task Unit, which successfully attacked the commandeered Indian Airlines aeroplane and carried out the deliverance trouble. After the hitchhikers were taken out, all 124 passengers and crew members were saved in the operation with no injuries or property damage. The Prime Minister praised Mishra for his contribution to resolving the hijacking problem.

He completed his military training at the Indian Military Academy before being commissioned in the Madras Regiment in 1961. He served in the army for 33 times before retiring on July 31, 1995. In the 1962 conflict with China, the 1965 conflict with Pakistan, and the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War, he participated in all three major wars.

Mishra’s appointment comes at a time when Ladakh has been protesting the central government, for the entitlement of statehood. Ladakh was given a union territory status in 2019 when it was decoupled from Jammu and Kashmir after losing its special status.

After J&K was divided into two UTS in 2019, R.K. Mathur, a mandarin, was named as the first L- G of the recently formed UT of Ladakh. Mr. Mishra, who comes from an Army background and had preliminarily served as an L- G of Arunachal Pradesh, replaced him.

As Mr. Mathur’s five-year term was set to expire in 2024, his departure is not a happy one. His administration was subordinated to persistent demurrers from the Leh Apex Body (LAB) and the Kargil Democratic Alliance (KDA), blocks that represent the region’s religious and political organisations, regarding the demand for Statehood and a special status under the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution.

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Also, the former L- G administration was indicted of treating those calling for the region’s unique rights under the Sixth Schedule with an forceful fist. Sonam Wangchuk, a well- known environmentalist in Ladakh, also claimed that the former L- G administration had put him under house arrest and demanded him to sign a bond prior to his fast in January of this year to raise awareness of climate change in the region.

L- G Mishra faces a difficult assignment in Ladakh where the LAB and the KDA have promised to escalate their agitation over their demands after their members’ road demurrers in New Delhi failed to evoke a favorable response from the Central.


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