Baba Ramdev receives a ₹1000 crore defamation notice for remarks on modern medicine.


The Indian Medical Association filed a 1000 crore rupees defamation notice against yoga guru Swami Baba Ramdev for his controversial comments on homeopathy, scientific medicine, and its use in the treatment of COVID-19. 

The Uttarakhand chapter of IMA, the main institution of Indian doctors, has issued Baba Ramdev defamation notices. The IMA notice stated that if Ramdev does not publish a video against his statement and submits a written apology within the next 15 days, he will pay 1000 crore rupees as compensation. 

It should be remembered that the IMA had previously strongly opposed Baba Ramdev’s controversial comments and demanded strict action against him. Dr. Ajay Khanna, President of the IMA’s national institution, said that a letter had been written to the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary in this regard. 

“The letter said that the IMA doctor was very unhappy with Baba Ramdev’s statement. The Union Health Minister also sent a notice to Ramdev stating that the statement was considered incorrect,” said Dr. Kana. 

He added that the state government should immediately crackdown on Swami Ramdev. Dr. Ajay Khanna reported that the defamation notice would also be sent to Ramdev on behalf of IMA. “In addition to the upcoming defamation lawsuit, if the government does not take a specific action, FIR will be filed.” 

After the dispute arose, Baba Ramdev withdrew his statement on homeopathic medicine. He also received a rigorous letter from Dr. Harsh Vardhan, the Union Minister of Health, saying that his words were inappropriate. 

“We are not opposed to modern medicine and homeopathy. We believe that homeopathy has made great strides in surgical procedures and life-saving systems and serves humanity. I’m sorry if this hurts someone’s feelings, “Ramdev mentioned in a letter to the Hindi Union Minister of Health.

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