Battlegrounds India: Is it really like PUBG?


Ever since PUBG has left the Indian market, Indian fans are just wondering how to play this fantastic game that kicks them. PUBG has reunited a lot of people sharing one common interest. I have also played this game with my friends for over a year, and the way it lets you interact with other players is marvellous.

The gameplay and user interface is pretty impressive. This game has been amazing, but at the same time, it has been somewhat controversial where all the major media houses in the country have covered the risk and inciteful behaviour that comes with the game. The reasons for the ban are something that is still debatable, and we are not here to comment on it.

We are here to commenting on the Indian variant of the game, which has been recently launched in the country and getting a massive response from the Indian audience all over the country in just a few weeks. 

People who are wondering how are the Indian variant and the critical differences in the Indian variant of the game, read along as I am just going to discuss it.

I played the game for over a week, and let me tell you, it is just the same as the PUBG, which we all loved. The spirit is there, and the gameplay is there, controls are just the same, music is the same. 

Look and feel is also the same. I was able to relive all the moments I cherished while playing the game. Anyone who has ever played PUBG won’t notice much difference except a few points. 

It takes more than just being a casual player because the differences are in the details for someone to see the difference.

If you want to know about the difference between the PUBG and Battlegrounds, recently launched, then read along as you are just about to figure the difference between PUBG and Battleground India.

So here are three key differences which I noticed while playing the game heavily for a week.

Kills, Finished And Colour Of The Blood.

So the very first difference which any PUBG player will notice in the Battlegrounds India would be the KILLS and the COLOUR of the blood.

Whenever you killed one player in the PUBG, it used to add up as the number of “kills”, but in the Indian variant of the game, i.e. Battleground India, it is being added up as ‘finished’ and not ‘kills’. One more thing to notice is the colour of the blood. In the game PUBG, the colour of the blood was red. But if you talk about the Indian variant Battleground India, the colour of the game is Green.

Game Lags And Graphics

The second you will notice is that the number of lags in the Indian variant of the game (Battlegrounds India) is negligible.

The game runs amazingly well and smooth even in the high graphics setting. It doesn’t heat the phone battery and runs with the best possible graphics depending on your device.

We all are well-versed in how it feels when there is any lag, and the game stops in the middle of getting the Chicken Dinner. It gets frustrating. But, the developers are aware of this issue and have done a marvellous job fixing all the problems that we experienced in PUBG.

Battlegrounds India Uses Different Servers

The third key difference that Indian players will see is shifting to different servers from different continents and countries. In the game PUBG, users could change to varying servers if their respective servers gave them lags, bugs, or other issues. But there is no option in the Indian variant of the game, i.e. Battleground India.

The game is for Indian players, and hence the developers did not feel any need to introduce multiple servers for Indian players. Although this difference is enormous, it does not matter because the game performs smooth, and reaction time is fast enough and does not lag or give any other issues to the Indian players.

Overall, after playing the game heavily for a week, I can say that the developers have tried well and worked hard in maintaining the spirit of the game, and they have succeeded in doing so.

The feeling we all used to get while playing PUBG is the same in Battlegrounds, and there is no difference in that, so you can be assured of enjoying the Battlegrounds India the way you wanted PUBG.

Shilpa Sharma
Shilpa Sharma
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