Battlegrounds Mobile India Launch, pre-registration begins on May 18th.


The South Korean Game Developer, Krafton announced that after being banned from India, PUBG Mobile plans to return to India with a new identity known as “BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile India“.

BattleGrounds Mobile India recently launched their new logo as well. The developer company of PUBG i.e. Krafton will release India’s exclusive version as Battlegrounds India.

Due to the lack of data security and privacy policy issues and with the interference of the Chinese company Tencent, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile in September last year.

Following the announcement of the ban on PUBG Mobile, Google India removed PUBG Mobile India from its Google Play Store platform. Tencent had lost more than $32 billion within two days of the PUBG Mobile ban.

On May 14, 2021, Battlegrounds India announced a pre-registration date for its most popular game. Krafton declared that the user can pre-register for the game from May 18, 2021.

“There will be specific rewards available for fans to claim, only if they pre-register the game. These rewards would be specific to Indian players only”

To pre-register the user should visit Google’s game store and click the “pre-register” button, then the user will get their rewards after the launch of the game. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India – Exclusive for Indian Users

BattleGrounds Mobile India Logo

While PUBG has a huge fan base in India, Krafton doesn’t want to leave the world’s second-largest internet market. As a result, Krafton decided to relaunch the PUBG mobile with the new name.

Krafton also told their game developers and content creator that they will not use the word PUBG while talking about Battlegrounds Mobile India.

In Sep 2020, they got banned by the Indian Govt. due to data privacy violations so this time Krafton has decided that they will keep Indian user’s data in India only. Krafton ensures that none of his third parties like Tencent will have access to Indian users’ data.

For this purpose, Krafton has also set up servers in India to, preserve user data in India and provide better services to users.

Key Things to know  

This time, Krafton arrives with a new name and several new features.

  • 1. Users will experience exclusive new themes in the battlegrounds mobile India.
  • 2. This time, Krafton added the parental control feature for those under the age of 18 Users are required to enter the mobile phone number of the parents or guardians to verify parental consent.
  • 3. In Addition, those under 18 years old cannot access the game for a maximum time limit of three hours every day.
  • 4. Users can not spend more than ₹ 7000 on app purchases in Battlegrounds India.
  • 5. Battleground India is also collaborating with its partners in organising an eSports competition.

Moreover, there are chances that the game will not support cross-server matchmaking because it is specific to India and does not belong to the PUBG Mobile universe. It means that people will be allowed to play games with other people from India only. In addition, their data will be stored on Indian servers.

Pre-Registration for BattleGrounds Mobile India on Play Store

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