Teams will soon be auctioned off, and companies have until December 31 to purchase tender documents.

The Women’s IPL, which will be held for the first time in 2023, has issued an invitation for tenders from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The media rights for the first five seasons, or from 2023 through 2027, will be put up for sale by the board.


The board has informed businesses that they must obtain tender documents if they wish to purchase media rights.

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Companies must pay a non-refundable sum of Rs 5 lakh for this document. The document can no longer be purchased after December 31, 2022. Companies that have purchased the document must email with payment information.

The BCCI has also made it clear that purchasing the tender document does not entitle you to participate in the bid only on the basis of it.The board will first check the eligibility of all the companies and only then will they be allowed to participate in the bidding. Five teams will also be auctioned Women’s IPL will start with five teams. The base price of a team will be Rs 400 crore. The board expects to get an amount between Rs 1000 to 1500 crores for each team. It is also not clear when the process of auctioning the teams will begin

The Women’s IPL will be more popular than several men’s leagues

BCCI will sell broadcast rights of women IPL

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The BCCI has not yet disclosed an expected profit from selling the broadcast rights to the women’s IPL. In terms of television rights, this competition is expected to overtake larger men’s T20 leagues like the Pakistan Super League and Big Bash League. Pakistan Super’s two seasons (2022 and 2023) have brought in almost 159 crores for PCB (INR). Approximately 80 crores for a season. PCB has received additional funding for telecast outside of Pakistan. On the other side, BCCI had paid 48 thousand crores for five years of media rights to the men’s IPL. translates to 9.6 billion rupees for a season.

In March, the Women’s IPL will begin.

the Women’s IPL, March 2023 will see the Women’s Indian Premier League. On February 26, the competition will take place in South Africa immediately following the Women’s T20 World Cup. Two locations will host the first season of the Women’s IPL. In this massive event of 22 matches, there will be 18 players on each team. Six foreign players have been maintained at the same time. The starting XI will only have a maximum of five foreign players.

.The competition will take place in South Africa on February 26 immediately following the Women’s T20 World Cup. Two locations will host the Women’s IPL’s inaugural season. 18 players will be on each squad for the 22 matches in this massive tournament. The number of foreign players has remained at 6 at the same time. There can be no more than five foreign players in the starting XI.

There will be a caravan format for the matches.

The women’s IPL may be conducted in caravan fashion. The matches will all be played in the same city under the caravan system.After that, every team would go for a different city. This is how the IPL played out in 2021 under Kovid. IPL teams’ visits to the UAE. There will be 2 locations where the tournament matches are played. A venue will host the first half, and another will host the second half.

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