Big Boss OTT: Battle to Secure Seat in Big Boss 15


The sensational reality show is back with a bang. Staying true to its nature, it brought along with it a bag full of surprises. This time, a prelude to the actual season of Big Boss 15 is to be aired on Voot for six weeks.

Director-Producer Karan Johar will host the six-week entertainment buzz. The winners and top contenders of the intro will confirm their spot in the Salman Khan Hosted Big boss 15.

The show will make a gradual shift from OTT to television. The superhit premiere was streamed on 8th august on Voot.


The twisted format has left the viewers intrigued. With the theme “staying connected,” the audience is more involved in the house than ever. The six-week OTT stream allows viewers to access the contestants live 24×7.

Apart from living access, they can also catch the episodes between 7 pm to 8 pm from Monday to Saturday and 8 pm on Sundays.

The audience will also be involved in deciding tasks, nominations and even elimination. The show’s quirky and relatively new format has had the viewers glued to their screens for updates.

While a wave of excitement has taken over the big boss fans, the show has managed to engage a relatively newer audience by experimenting on an entirely new platform.   


The big boss is by and large known for its highly controversial nature. It has made a lot of noise surrounding brutal fights, vivacious tasks and mighty hook-ups.

The show involves famous personalities from various fields. Contestants are often paired up and locked inside ‘Big Boss ka Ghar’.

The house has hundreds of cameras, and contestants are in the public eye constantly. The contests have to co-exist with each other for several months with zero connection from the outside world.

To make it harder than it already is, they are given several challenging and tedious tasks from time to time. Host Salman Khan is in the limelight of the show.

Salman meets the contestants via a virtual platform every weekend. The theme of every year is unique in the big-boss house.

This year, however, a six-week prelude or prequel is set to put the contestants up for a fight against each other to secure a spot in the television aired Big-boss season 15. 


The show did not reveal the names of the contestants directly and maintained the element of suspense. The final list of confirmed contestants came to light last night in the premiere.

So far, the approved list of contenders is Neha Bhasin, Raquesh Bharat, Zeeshan Khan, Ridhima Pandit, Karan Nath, Urji Javed, Divya Agarwal, Akshara Singh, Pratik Sehejpal, Nishant Bhatt, Muskan Jattana and Milind Gaba. Along with them, Shamita Shetty will also be contesting as a confirmed contestant.

These 12 players will be up for a battle to win the trophy and secure their position in Big-boss 15.  


The premiere initiating the six-week-long virtual big-boss was hosted yesterday by Karan Johar. The premiere, like the show, left no shred of glamour and was indeed an OTT (over the top) start to an exceptional season.

Candid performances by the shining stars of B-town made the evening extravagant. Among the performers were Karan Wahi, Malaika Arora Khan, Arjun Bhilani and Host Karan Johar.

Karan Johar, with his sassy and witty humour, made the evening more delightful than ever. The Param Sundari of Bollywood smashed the stage with her sizzling moves and left everyone in awe.

The contestants, too, left no opportunity to keep their viewers entertained and make their mark. Pratik Sehejpal made a quirky comment saying, “mera doosra naam hai Karma and I am going to be launched in Dharma”.  


The controversies and sparks flew right from the first day. The format required the girls to chose a boy each to enter the house. Nearing the end, Karan Nath was left opposing the duo- Ridhima Pandit and Divya Agarwal.

Host Karan Johar took the opportunity to turn the table around and asked Karan Nath to choose a girl for himself. Karan chose Ridhima over Divya, leaving her nominated for the entire week.

Divya and Pratik moved one step ahead and indulged themselves in a verbal spat. Divya accused Pratik of not keeping in touch despite her referring to him as her companion. She also insulted the young man by stating that she does not need the show, but he does.  

Controversy, jealousy, fights, glamour and sparkle- all of it found its way to the show on the first day itself.

The coming episodes will be jam-packed with one and only one thing- entertainment, entertainment and entertainment.  


Aastha Khera
Aastha Khera
Aastha is a second-year student at Christ University, Bangalore pursuing a triple major in Journalism, psychology and English Literature. She views the field of journalism and psychology as a much-needed duty towards the society and literature as food for the soul. She also has her work published in two anthologies. You are most likely to find her scribbling in her diary at 3am next to a tub of ice cream or adoring the moon with all her heart. Aastha is just embarking on her journey as a writer and is more excited than ever.



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