Brief News :How Is Tourism Is Polluting Ladakh?


How Is Tourism Is Polluting Ladakh?

Every year, more and more tourists worldwide visit Ladakh, one of India’s most beautiful tourist places.

In recent years the number of tourists visiting this place has increased, and the abundance of these visitors have shown an impact on Ladakh’s natural resources.

Pressure on villagers

Sajad Nabi Dar, a climate expert, said that in Ladakh, there are mainly two types of toilets – Traditional dry bathrooms and modern flush toilets.

The local villagers mostly use dry toilets as it is suitable for their farming and also saves water. On the other hand, tourists prefer flush toilets.

Using flush toilets in an area where water is highly precious is unnecessary as the flush toilet uses an ample amount of water for each tourist.

The Leh town gets their supply of water from the melting of glaciers and spring.

But due to a boost in tourism in the region, the water demand has increased tremendously, which forced hotels and guesthouses to dig their borewell to obtain groundwater.

Due to this, most of the springs have dried up, and the water table is depleting.

Many villages in the region were left abandoned due to a shortage of water. However, attempts to rehabilitate these villages by supplying water and solving the water crisis has been made.

Problems of other waste like inorganic garbage like plastic, rubber, metals, glass etc., have started to pollute the region.

Experts believe that the situation will find a solution until the pressure from tourists is reduced or limited.

Kerela Police Recreate Crime Scene With A Dummy and A Cobra

Brief News :How Is Tourism Is Polluting Ladakh?
Image source – The News Minute

In May 2020, Sooraj from Kerela murdered his 25-year-old wife named Uthra. Sooraj was accused of giving his wife sleeping pills and then placing a Cobra in the room.

The snake then later bit Uthra.

Sooraj is an employee of a private bank from Adoor Pathanamthitta district.

Under the forest department in the Kollum district of Arippa, at a state training centre, the police recreated the same crime scene with a dummy acting as Uthra.

They set everything as a dummy on the bed and a cobra in the room following the original crime scene.

The officials recorded the act, released the video on Thursday, and submitted it to the court, which will have a vital role in the murder case.

Content in the video

The video showed that the cobra released on the dummy did not do anything to the figure.

The authorities tried to drop the snake two or three times on the dummy, but instead of biting it tried to hide away.

Later they tied a piece of raw chicken on the dummy’s hand, but the snake did not strike.

According to Mr Manish Kumar, the chairman of Mahindra Wildlife Foundation, the snake did not attack as cobras are usually inactive at night.

After several attempts, the snake finally stuck the dummy, and the authority took its measurements were taken. Its attack point was 1.7 cm in width, and the two bites measured to be 2 cm and 2.4 cm in width.

According to the PTI, Sooraj was arrested last year on the charges of murdering his wife.

The parents of Uthra suspected foul play and hence approached the police to launch an investigation.

Baseline Venture To Take Legal Action Against Brand’s Moment Marketing

Brief News :How Is Tourism Is Polluting Ladakh?
Image source – Al Jazeera

The accomplishments of Indian athletes in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 allowed various brands for ‘moment marketing’ where companies feature the athlete to gain visibility and attention.

Baseline Venture, which represents Indian athlete P.V Sindhu, raised marketing ethics on the brands and companies displaying her to market their product.

The venture is mulling legal action against brands like Perfetti Van Melle, P&G, Pan Bahar, etc.

Professionals point out that brands should not use a celebrity’s achievement to commercial ends.

The legal experts suggest that in moment marketing, boundaries and guidelines should not be breached.

According to Sandeep Goyal, MD of ad agency Rediffusion, there is nothing wrong with congratulating the celebrity or athletes by putting a logo on it.

However, it is wrong to pass a celebrity’s connection and to gain a commercial boost.

He said that when congratulating an athlete, commercial motives are unnecessary. The brands must follow certain sportsmanship as well.

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