This news article focuses on a  migrant watercraft located near the Canary Islands, 4 individuals were killed, and 29 are still not to be found.

A ship sank off from the Island of Madrid, causing the deaths of four people and 29 others who are still missing. While in seas off of northwestern Europe, the Spanish maritime emergency department reported on  2nd October 2022, on a Sunday, they had found four corpses from a life raft.


A trading ship located the boat on  1st October 2022, which was a Saturday, approximately 280 miles southeast of the  Islands group, and it had recovered a  victim. The individual who had recovered was flown to Gran Canaria by the oceanic relief department, at which point he gained immediate treatment from a doctor.

The victim who had been rescued was a 27-year-old Ivorian male, who reported to the rescuers that there had been 34 people on deck the ship once it took off.

A few hours after departing from the Western Sahara shore on September 24 with “34 individuals on board,” the same boat, according to the NGO Caminando Fronteras, sent a distress call.

Statistics say numbers arrived in the Canary Islands from Western Africa:

According to statistics provided by the Spanish government, 9,308 persons at least arrived in the Canary Islands from Western Africa between January and July. Comparing the recent statistics to the same period in 2021, there has been a 27.5% increase.

On 2nd October 2022, barely moments after a lone survivor had been dragged to safety, rescuers reported discovering four deaths on a migrant boat outside the Canary Islands. A nonprofit organization had claimed the ship had sailed across the Atlantic ocean with 34 individuals onboard.

Nearly 150 nautical miles southwest of the sea located in the northern part of the island, Madrid’s rescue team reported on social media platforms that they had “recovered the dead bodies of four people” from a boat. The latest victim had been saved on Saturday night by a passing merchant ship and was later flown to safety by helicopter.

There were 34 travelers on the boat at the time.  

  Using social media, the crew had alerted authorities after receiving information about something like a speedboat that had already departed the coast just south of Laayoune early on September 24, 2022.

The speedboat was spotted south of the Canary Islands carrying “an exhausted 26-year-old man and four bodies” after a week had been no news. By the end of the evening, we were confident that the boat that had vanished with 34 people on board was the same one the passenger had claimed.

Maleno confirmed “33 further casualties” and described the incident as “a new tragedy on one of the most dangerous migratory routes—the Canary pathway.”

image source” insider

“Only four corpses have been discovered; the water has sucked up the other 29 victims. Having no bodies to wave farewell to will cause their families immense sorrow.

As per statistics from the ministry of interior, as of September 15, 2022, a total of 11,522 migrants have traveled the infamously hazardous Atlantic route to Spain’s Canary Islands this year, a marginal increase over the same period last year.

Although there is no government data regarding those who perished while traveling, data from Caminando Fronteras suggests that 980 people had been killed during the initial half of the calendar year while attempting to go to Madrid, of whom 938 disappeared or mysteriously disappeared at marine.

The travel from the Moroccan coastline is 140 kilometers long at its least. Still, migrants frequently travel from considerably farther away, with Mauritanians more than 500 kilometers away as the eagle flies.

The Atlantic trip is hazardous because of its powerful currents, and migrants frequently set sail in crowded, unreliable, and unfit boats.

Late in 2019, after heightened patrols along Europe’s southern coast drastically cut Mediterranean crossings, migrant crossings to the Atlantic archipelago started to surge.

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