Wednesday, July 24


BSE partners with the Goa government to promote listing amongst state MSMEs

Sector-wide profitability grew both YoY and sequentially, driven by steady to rising product pricing and stable to falling raw material prices. Four public sector banks, including the largest lender in the nation, State Bank of India, were among the 40 businesses.

SGX Nifty Renamed as GIFT Nifty: A Game-Changer for India's Financial Landscape

Since returns have been largely positive for at least three months prior to the end of the US recession as well as during the period of the FED’s second to last rate hike to six months following the commencement of rate cuts which is the present phase, global brokerage giant BofA, Bank of  America, said it expects the Nifty finishing December 2024 at 20,500

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