IBM CEO Plans to Replace 7,800 Jobs with AI - Asiana Times

IBM CEO Arvind Krishna has announced that the company plans to replace approximately 7,800 jobs with artificial intelligence (AI) in the next five years, sparking concerns about the impact of AI on human employment. While some argue that AI will create new job opportunities, others believe that it will lead to widespread job loss.

Breakthrough in Quantum Error Correction - Asiana Times

Quantum Error Correction is an important hurdle that needs to be cleared to achieve building large-scale Quantum Computers that solve real-world problems. Recently, Researchers at Google’s Quantum AI have shown a breakthrough in decreasing Quantum Error rates that brings us a step closer to building error-tolerant Quantum Computers, by adding more and more Quantum Bits (QUBITS) that are used in a Quantum Computer to work on Error Correction.

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