Preschool franchise: Own a preschool setup or buy an already existing one?

The education sector is one of the best sectors to invest in, both for the owner and the education seekers. Talking about preschools, they...

Advantages of NoFap Each Man Ought to Be Aware Of

.JORDAN PETERSON - Achievement IS More noteworthy THAN MASTURBATION. Masturbation, or "fapping" as it's regularly known, is typical and for the most part sound practice...

5 Dangerous Slip-ups to Stay away from While Learning Java

The main impediment that limits numerous novices from beginning another vocation is the absence of comprehension of how precisely would it be a good...

‘Bike buses’ catch on as a cool way to commute to school.

“Bike buses” — adult-led group bike rides to school — are taking over neighborhoods.

Unacademy lays off 10% of its employee

SoftBank-backed educational technology unicorn Unacademy has laid off 10% of its workforce, or approximately 350 employees, in the third wave of layoffs in less...

The missing lessons in Indian education to meet NEP by 2030

NEP (New Education Policy) 2020 is estimated to revolutionize the Indian age-old education system to meet up the growing challenges in the dynamic world. The...


It is often questioned if mankind has fallen so far beneath into a brutally mesmerising state that we accept all even the "inferior" and...

Business ethics and their need in the current times

Business ethics look to implement right business policies and practices keeping in mind the subjects which may lead to a controversy in an argument

Ancient Science conference by ISRO and Center

A two-day conference with the theme "Akash Tatva" is scheduled to be held in Dehradun by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)  and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST).

Technology intertwines: The Web 3.0 and metaverse 

Let me begin by dissecting this term metaverse. Metaverse originated in the 1992, in a novel titled “Snow Crash” of genre “science fiction”. The author of the novel “Neal Stephenson” coined the term metaverse where meta means “beyond” and “verse” means universe. And plot of this fiction was that metaverse was a small place in virtual world and the characters in the novel could go there to escape the dreary totalitarian system of politics. No doubt that now “Mark Zuckerberg” the CEO and co-founder of Facebook got inspired from this tale and has started to bring this metaverse (a virtual place) to reality. The first step on the ladder was when he rebranded his Facebook as meta. Now he has publicized metaverse to be the web 3.0 or next generation of internet.