China accuses the United States of being a threat to global cybersecurity.


The U.S. is stealing various data types from people at home and abroad: Wang Wenbin, foreign ministry spokesman of China.

On the 5th of July Monday, Wang Wenbin, Foreign Ministry spokesperson of China, said that the United States is “the top threat to global cybersecurity.”

As facts have proven time and again, it is the U.S. that has been forcing companies to install backdoors and obtaining user data in violation of relevant rules. The U.S. itself is the top threat to global cybersecurity,” Wenbin claimed during a press briefing.

Wang informed that the U.S. violated all kinds of privacy, misusing its advanced tech capacity and running surveillance on people. Who are at home and abroad, stealing various types of data from them. 

The relationship between Washington and Beijing appear to be strained after the U.S. took an opposition stand on China on issues like the spread of COVID-19 and the Muslims of Uighyurs.

“As information has been confirmed repeatedly, it’s the U.S. that has been forcing corporations to put in backdoors and acquire consumer information in violation of related guidelines. The U.S. itself is the highest risk to world cybersecurity,” Wenbin stated.

He later continued, “The Patriot Act adopted after 9/11 requires cyber corporations to supply common updates on consumer data. This transfer has drawn much consideration worldwide. France’s CNIL determined in December last year that the French websites of Google and Amazon breached related French legislation by putting cookies on the computer systems of customers without acquiring prior consent and without offering satisfactory data. Earlier, Eire requested Facebook to drop the transmission of E.U. consumer information to the U.S.”

“We call on the international community to jointly expose and reject U.S. practices that endanger global cybersecurity and undermine global rules,” he added.

What went on?

Trump was criticized by Zhang Jun for repeatedly claiming that the Coronavirus was borne in China and spread globally by Beijing. In the U.N. Committee held on the 22nd of September, 2020.

Recently Vice President Biden has questioned why China is interested in knowing where the virus originated that has caused an estimated number of 3.4 million deaths worldwide. President Joe Biden demanded a report within 90 days when he gave the order. To discover precisely how the virus emerged. In Wuhan, China, at a market or a highly secure research laboratory in the same city. Whereas on the other has China has declined these theories claiming the same.

On the 22nd of September, 2020:

Christoph Heusgen, the German ambassador, on behalf of 39 countries at the U.N. committee that deals with human rights issues. He bought to the notice of the committee for its human rights abuses against ethnic Uighur Muslims and its crackdown on Hong Kong’s autonomy.

China’s ambassador, Zhang Jun, shot back at Washington to reflect on the condition of its state while ignoring the Uighur issue. Urging Washington to “take a good look in the mirror” focuses on the racial discrimination existing in its society before attacking other countries. Also, claiming that China’s human rights achievements are “widely recognized” around the world. 

The treatment of Muslims in Uighur in Xinjiang has been the subject of much social media conversation. Creating awareness on the mistreatment of the Uighur Muslims, especially after the BBC managed to give us a glimpse about the situation through satellite images captured of these camps set up by China. 

People have been put in camps, beaten, tortured, electrocuted, forced to hail Xinjiang. Women have been forcefully sterilized and raped in these so-called re-educational camps. Leaders around the world are condemning the actions of China. Activists like Feroza Aziz have brought it to people’s attention, raising questions and creating awareness.

Images have also been released of the secret filming by the Bitter Winter activists’ group that displayed the cells with cameras and bars. 

Millions of both men and women have been reported to be detained. Also said that the ethnic cleansing of the minority group directly comes from President Xi Jinping himself. 

More than two dozen voluntary groups and 16 genocide experts are urging the U.N. Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to investigate the campaign against human rights in China. On the Turkic minorities in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. To develop strategies to end the alleged genocidal violations.

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