China and Russia blocked UNSC action against North Korea over missiles.


The US and its allies strongly condemned North Korea for testing suspected intercontinental ballistic missiles during an emergency meeting of the UNSC on Monday.

UNSC was not able able to take any action because of opposition from China and Russia. The US, Britain, France, Albania, Ireland, and Norway all together requested that the Security Council meeting on Friday after North Korea, formally known as the DPRK, fired multiple missiles.

Source – Statista, Nuclear Threat Initiative

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres is merely a “puppet” of the US said North Korea’s foreign minister On Sunday.

the US circulated a proposed presidential statement earlier in the meeting, condemning the missile launches and calling for North Korea to abide by current UN sanctions that banned Pyongyang from carrying out ballistic missile and nuclear tests.

Amid fears, North Korea has been preparing to test nuclear weapons since 2016. Even North Korea is not stopping here it has continued to carry out an unprecedented number of missile tests this year.

Washington needs to force North Korea’s capital into unilateral demobilization by implementing sanctions and exerting force.” this is the aggression North Korea is growing aforesaid Russia’s deputy UN Ambassador, Anna Evstigneeva.

She also cited the US military’s recent drills with South Korea which included practice strikes on North Korean missile and defense systems, as having antagonized Pyongyang.

Evstigneeva called for “inter-Korean dialogue” and “multilateral negotiations”. 

North Korea launches ballistic missiles
Image Source – Zee News

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The US always has maintained all military drills with South Korea and Japan are defensive. but China and Russia, meanwhile, accuse the US of inflaming tensions with large-scale joint military exercises with South Korea.

Zhang Jun, China’s UN Ambassador  said the UN had to meet North Korea halfway to prevent the situation from getting “out of control.” further he added “The council should play a constructive role rather than always stressing pressure,” 

Under the current scenario, the council should, in particular, strive to mitigate confrontation, easing tensions is the need of the hour, which promotes the political settlement.

Zhang Jun urged the US to show initiative, put up realistic proposals, respond positively to North Korea’s concerns stop military exercises and ease sanctions.

“prepared to meet without preconditions,” and called North Korea to “engage in serious and sustained diplomacy,” said Thomas-Greenfield.

But on being warned several times the DPRK continues not to respond and instead chooses to continue this reckless behavior.


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