Chinese vaccine ‘CoronaVac’ by Sinovac Biotech is proven to be ineffectual against the virus causing death in vaccinated individuals. The vaccine used in different countries creates commotion and concern about vaccine incompetency.

Chinese Vaccine      Image Source: Nikkei Asia

After the pandemic were the times all the pharma industries were geared toward the manufacture and testing of the COVID vaccine to bring the disease spread under control and prevent further waves. Chinese industries came with their vaccine CoronaVac and they didn’t believe in the mRNA vaccines.


Chinese mRNA Vaccine mechanism

mRNA vaccines are made from weakened and ineffective viral antigens that stimulate the body’s immune mechanism to produce the antibodies (T-cells) to kill the virus. This antibody is stored in the immune system’s memory cells (B-cells) as when the person is incident with the same antigen the body shows a heightened fight by its immune cells. Thus the disease does not get severe and is eliminated by the body.

Countries that showed concern Against Chinese Vaccines

Countries such as Turkey say their general public is opposing china’s vaccine as they don’t show promising results. Indonesia and Thailand replaced their vaccines with AstraZeneca, as Indonesia states that the efficacy of the vaccine was reduced to 65% in 2021. Brazil also put out its concerns as they have recorded the performance of the vaccine to be dropped to 50%. Soon, Malaysia will also change its vaccines to Pfizer.

The immune mechanism in the body          Image Source: Nature

Ineffectiveness of Chinese Vaccine

Reports on Chinese vaccines reveal that these vaccines produced weaker T-cells (an immune response), which in time reduces efficiency in the disease fight ability in the person. This causes deaths in people who were vaccinated priorly by CoronaVac. This has created rampage and fear among the public in various countries. 

China’s control of this less efficient vaccine for a large population couldn’t manage the pandemic meticulously. Thus, they came up with the Zero-Covid policy with strict restriction measures which affect the citizens’ lives. Also, countries that used covid vaccine at the start of the pandemic in 2020 are now bothered causing a situation worldwide

Thus, the mishap of the CoronaVac vaccine by China in the market internationally and its poor results. It has created an awful image of China’s healthcare products attracting global eyes to the issue.


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