Convalescent Plasma Therapy is no longer a part of COVID-19 treatment.


The government has reportedly ruled out convalescent plasma therapy as a treatment against Covid-19 in adult patients.

  • The task force appointed by the government led the removal of plasma-based therapy from the treatment plan for Covid-19 affected adult patients on Monday. In the revised guidelines provided to clinics for the treatment of adult patients with Covid-19, therapeutic plasma therapy has been eliminated and has even been stated as an “unconventional therapy.”
  • So far, India’s Covid-19 treatment regimen allowed usage of restorative plasma therapy, but only in the early stage of the infection and occurrence of symptoms, within seven days of onset, and that too is the case availability of high title donor plasma.
  • The Covid-19 treatment plan was formulated after detailed consultation with the Indian Medical Research, AIIMS, New Delhi council. In the first few months of the Covid-19 pandemic, plasma therapy became a widely regarded “treatment” for Covid-19. This therapy was believed to be effective in preventing the development of cases from getting too severe and being controlled at an earlier stage.
  • Last Friday, at a meeting of the ICMR National Working Group on Covid-19, all members agreed to remove the usage of plasma from the “Clinical Guidelines for the Management of Adult Patients who are infected with Covid-19.” Members reportedly mentioned its lack of effectivity and, to some extent, inappropriate usage in certain circumstances. 



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