COVID-19 cases in Mumbai: CM Thackeray urges everybody to wear masks 


Because of the increase in cases, Thackeray made the move after holding a review conference with divisional commissioners, municipal commissioners, Zilla Parishad CEOs, and senior police personnel. 


On Wednesday, after announcing the removal of all COVID-19-related restrictions earlier this month, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray advised people to wear masks while going outside and take other measures to prevent a likely fourth wave of the virus from spreading. 

There has been a rise in COVID-19 cases throughout the state, particularly in Mumbai, where more than 100 new cases were confirmed for the second day in a row on Wednesday. After reporting 102 cases on Tuesday, the city confirmed 112 cases on Wednesday, a rise over the previous day. The previous time Mumbai had 100 cases was on March 2, 2022, when there were 100 cases in total. 

Meanwhile, when the state registered a total of 186 new cases, because of the increase in cases Thackeray made the move after holding a review conference with divisional commissioners, municipal commissioners, Zilla Parishad CEOs, and senior police personnel. 

Thackeray warned that “the danger of COVID-19 is not gone yet,” highlighting the need to follow COVID-19-appropriate procedures such as wearing face masks in crowded situations and social distancing. He stressed on the need to act quickly to prevent the spread of illness before it reaches the borders. He said that “40 crore people in China’s different cities are facing a lockdown,” and that the number is growing. 

The Chief Minister continued by stating that the government is considering allowing people in the 18-59 age category to get booster shots at government-run facilities in the future. Only private hospitals are now offering booster shots to people under the age of 60 who are not yet 60 years old. The state is also thinking about cutting short the nine-month wait before giving a booster shot. 

It was disclosed during a presentation given at the conference that a total of 1,77,90,194 people had yet to get the second shot of vaccinations against COVID-19. According to official figures, at least 88.91 percent of the people who vote have taken the first dose, and 70.68 percent have taken both doses. The presentation also said that nine of the 36 districts have found more cases of the virus per 100 tests than the state has found in a week. 

On Wednesday, the test positivity rate (TPR), which is the number of positive cases found as compared to the total number of tests taken, decreased to 1.1 percent in Mumbai, a small decrease from the previous day. The TPR for Tuesday was 1.4 percent, with 102 cases being found out of 7,240 tests done on the day in question.  

During the third wave, the positivity rate had decreased below 1 percent by February 12, indicating that the wave was over. In Mumbai, the number of tests being done each day is currently less than 10,000, although, on Wednesday, 9,478 tests were carried out, representing a small increase from the 7,240 tests carried out on Tuesday. 

Following an increase in cases since last Tuesday, the BMC has instructed its staff to improve testing and tighten touch monitoring. Contact tracing—the number of people who have come into contact with the infected—has climbed significantly in the last 24 hours, with 727 high-risk contacts being identified. 

On April 24, a total of 10,946 tests were carried out, which was a significant increase over the previous week’s data of fewer than 10,000 tests. The day of April 25th had the lowest number of tests done in the previous six days (5,053). 

Mumbai has the greatest number of active cases out of all districts, with 563, followed by Pune (219), Thane, and Navi Mumbai (76). 

Published by: Gargi sharma

Edited by: Aaradhana singh

Aakash Kanti Khuman
Aakash Kanti Khuman
I am Aakash Khuman from Mumbai. As a rising journalist, my primary focus is on social concerns as well as national and international news. I am currently enrolled in Chandigarh University's Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication programme.


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