COVID cases continue to rise in Olympics village ahead of the opening ceremony


Protesters had taken to the streets a week before the Olympics in Shinjuku, Tokyo, as the Olympics are set to happen on the 23rd July 2021.

They held signs that said ‘Cancel the Tokyo Olympics’ and ‘We don’t want the Olympics ANYWHERE in the World’, emphasizing the word anywhere in red.

The signs also suggested using the money for fighting against Covid, saying ‘No Olympics 2020, Use that money for COVID-19’ They wore uniform black t-shirts displaying ‘NO.

A truck blasting EDM music led the march. They demonstrated outside the hotel where the International Olympic Committee president, Thomas Bach, was staying.

New rules that were revealed back in June to be followed in Olympics

Just in the previous month, the government had declared a state of emergency in Tokyo because of the rise in the cases of Covid-19.

The games were postponed and delayed last year due to the pandemic.

Seiko Hashimoto, the president of the fun of 2020, has informed earlier last month that the festivities will be kept at bay.

The organizers of the games have revealed. No alcohol, no hugs, no cheers, and no autographs policy would be followed to proceed with the event in a safe manner.

Hashimoto had also said that they are putting efforts into coming up with new ways to celebrate. However, it may be tough to stoke a celebratory atmosphere.

Novak Djokovic, the Serbian tennis player, admitted that he is slightly divided about going to the Olympics when the new rules were put forward. He further said:

“My plan was always to go to the Olympic Games. But right now, I’m a little bit divided. It’s kind of 50-50 because of what I heard in the last couple of days.”

Brisbane selected to host Olympics in 2023

Also, very recently, Brisbane celebrated with fireworks for being selected to host the 2023 Olympics. In a new process of selection.

Positive cases reported in the Olympics village days before the opening ceremon

Just less than two days before the opening ceremony of the Olympics, at least four of the athletes have tested positive for Covid.

Including tennis players Coco Gauff from the U.S. and Alex De Minaur from South Africa. Including two soccer players Thabiso Monyane and Kamohelo Mahlatsi, from South Africa.

On Monday, a female gymnast from the U.S. in Inzai during the pre-Olympic training camp and a team member from Uganda had tested positive.

A day ago

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics have already reported 71 cases, out of which 31 are international visitors.

With the rising number of patients currently, the seven-day average has roughly doubled over the last two weeks in Tokyo.

Thomas Bach, the International Olympic Committee’s president, said last week that about 85% of the Olympic Village’s residents would arrive in Japan vaccinated, and almost all of the IOC members and staff will be immunized as well.

People fear that the Olympics will become a hotspot for new infections and create a broader outbreak.

The National polls have also suggested that the majority of the population stands against the Olympics being held. But the officials are determined to push ahead.


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