“Crash Landing on You” mentions the Bollywood dialogue from “Lunch Box.”


“Crash Landing on You”, 2019 blockbuster K-drama, brings a meaningful mention of India by mentioning a Bollywood dialogue from “Lunch Box.”

Crash Landing on You is the highly-rated tvN drama and the third highest-rated K-drama in TV history. It is a South Korean television series in the year 2019-2020.

The drama aired on tvN in South Korea and premiered worldwide on Netflix on December 14, 2019.

The series has a rating of 8.7, and it broke the record when its final episode peaked at 24.1 per cent rating. 

Story Plot

The series explains the story of a South Korean heiress while paragliding in Seoul of South Korea, landing on North Korea due to a sudden and heavy storm.

There she happened to meet with a Captain in Korean People’s Army. Over time, romance blooms between them despite the conflict between their countries. 

This highly-rated series was written by Park Ji-Eun and directed by Lee Jung-Hyo. The drama covers a single season with 16 episodes. It comes under the genre of romantic-comedy drama. 


Son Ye-jin plays the main character ‘Yoon Se-ri’ and Hyun Bin as ‘Ri Jeong-hyeok’. Seo Ji-Hye and Kim Jung-Hyun also played equally essential roles in this K-drama. 

Bollywood Dialogue

In the series, there is a scene when Yoon Se-ri and Ri Jeong-Hyeok are having a heartfelt conversion, where Son Ye-Jin, who played Yoon Se-ri, quoted a line from the Indian movie- Lunch Box starred by Irrfan Khan.

The dialogue mentioned, “Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right stations”. It was an astonishing reference made about Indian Films in K-drama. 

Indians widely accept K-dramas wholeheartedly, but still, a small population does not know about K-dramas.

For those curious to try out watching K-dramas, ‘Crash Landing on You’ can be a perfect suggestion.

The series is conveyed without any complications and have an elegant and romantic plot.

Why the drama gained popularity? 

Two Hallyu stars: Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin, played the leading roles. They both are perfect matching couples and gain immense popularity even before Crash Landing on You. 

These casts attract the viewers more towards this drama. The powerful characters portrayed, such as a captain and chaebol, made a perfect and aspirational pair. 

In usual plots of K-drama, only one leading character is rich and powerful; in contrast to that in Crash Landing on You, both characters are powerful. 

Then comes the charm of the lead roles is the highlight of every K-drama that brings the audience’s attention.

The well-played supporting actors are also the main highlight that gives much reach to the show.


In May 2020, Park Ji-Eun, scriptwriter of Crash Landing on You, was named ‘Person of the Year’ by the Unification Ministry of South Korea.

The drama won Asian Academy Creative Awards of 2020 for Best drama series, Tokyo Drama Award 2020 for Overseas Drama Special Award, 3rd Annual Global TV Demand Awards and much more individual awards. 

The major themes of the series include romance, family, friendship, overcoming and redemption. It’s one of the listed feel-good dramas, and I suggest it into the must-watch list.

Hizana Farhath
Hizana Farhath
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