Cyber criminals make use of online shopping for financial scams; Cybercrime cases in Pune spike


The Cyber Crime Cell of Pune City Police reported that the number of cyber frauds relating to online purchases registered in 2021 has risen by nearly four times the cases registered in 2019.

Compared to the total 430 cases in 2019, there have been 1,600 cases reported as of July 31, highlighting the steep rise in cyber frauds in e-commerce.

The cheating cases of fraudsters duping people who are purchasing an online item range from electronic items, alcohol and scam links. The Pune City Police suspect that organized gangs of cybercriminals are involved in the well planned and systematic scams.

Senior Inspector D S Hake of the Cyber Crime Cell informed that the fraudsters set up temporary sites and social media posts that imitate genuine businesses. Then contact details are given by which the criminals often pose as trustworthy officials. Once the victims give out their details, the fraudsters transfer money from customers’ accounts to their own.

The case of online purchase scams has been on the rise due to the pandemic, resulting in more e-customers and e-transactions.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cyber Crime and Economic Offences) Bhagyashree Navatake reports that gangs of criminals working systematically with separate teams are behind the cyber frauds.

“Based on the cases that we have cracked till now, we have reasons to believe that there are organized syndicates of cyber fraudsters who work in systematic manner to cheat a number of people at any given time,” he said.

Police officials say that it is unfortunate that such crimes are still rampant despite efforts to raise awareness. The Pune City Police warn the people to make basic cyber safety precautions and not give out personal information unless guaranteed safe.

Himhimi C
Himhimi C
Lalchhanhimi or Himhimi as she goes by is a 2nd-year B.A. student majoring in English Language and Literature at Pachhunga University College. She was born and raised in the hilly areas of Aizawl, Mizoram and currently resides at Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl with her family. An avid lover of Arts and Literature, Himhimi has tried her hand in poetry, story writing and the likes throughout her academic journey. She runs a WordPress blog by the name 'acorndews' where she expresses her creativity freely without the barriers of formal templates and formats. Through her works and writings, she hopes to connect with other souls who may share a similar passion for the art of writing.



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