Deepika Kumari is out of the race for a medal despite giving her career’s best performance.


Despite giving her career-best performance at the Tokyo Olympics, Deepika Kumari of Ranchi missed out on a medal in the individual event of archery. Deepika Kumari, playing her third Olympics in a row, crashed out by 27-30, 24-26 and 24-26 in the hands of South Korea’s An San in the quarter-finals.¬†¬†

Despite giving her career’s best performance at the Tokyo Olympics 2020, Deepika Kumari from the Ranchi district of Jharkhand missed a chance to win a medal in the archery’s individual event.

Deepika Kumari, playing her third Olympics in a row, and in this Olympics, she lost 27-30, 24-26, 24-26 to Korea’s An San in the quarter-finals. She is the first Indian Archer to reach the quarter-finals of the Olympics.¬†

In Tokyo, San, 20, is going for her third gold medal. She won 2 gold medals in the mixed team event, and the women’s recurve team event in the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

Deepika had defeated Ksenia Perova of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) earlier (6-5) in the 1/8 Eliminations round of the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

First set:

South Korean Archer fantastically won this set. In the first set, An San performed outstandingly by scoring a perfect 10 in all three chances, while on the other hand, Deepika’s first scored 7, then in the other two chances, she scored two perfect 10s. After winning the opening set, the Korean Archer took a 2-0 lead in the quarter-finals.

Second set:

As the second set began, Deepika opened with a perfect 10 while San opened up with a 9, but the Indian Archer could not follow up with her strong performance, and she just scored 7 in her second chance.

Before Deepika’s 7, San scored a perfect 10 in her second chance. They both scored 7 in their 3rd chance, but Deepika’s 7 snatched away victory from her as it gives a 4-0 lead to Korean Archer.

Third Set:

Neither San nor Deepika managed to score a perfect 10 points in the third set, but the Korean had done more than enough to clinch the match away from Deepika by winning with a 6-0 lead. There is no doubt that South Korean Archer, An San totally dominated all three sets, but the way Deepika fought back is highly commendable.

Deepika gives her best performance in Olympics, but now after losing this match, Deepika’s journey in Tokyo Olympics 2020 ends here.

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