Delhi Civil defence worker found dead: Family claims conspiracy


The nation has been stunned by the alleged murder of a 21-year-old civil defence worker in Faridabad. The family of the deceased woman claims conspiracy and demands a CBI probe in the matter. Twitter has been buzzing with requests for equity.

Last month, a 21-year-old defence officer was kidnapped at Lajpat Nagar and stabbed to death.

The culprit, identified as Nizamuddin, claiming to be her husband, surrendered to the police station at Kalindi Kunj. The woman’s family suspects foul play and has asked for a CBI probe. 

The case history

On August 26, the civil defence staffer of the Lajpat Nagar District Magistrate went missing. According to sources, she was a newcomer, having joined only four months prior.

The family members looked for her and also sought assistance from the district collector but were reportedly unsuccessful.

Later on the next day, her body was discovered in a mutilated condition in the Surajkund-Pali road in Faridabad in the hedges 10-15 feet from the road.

The question arises as to why she was escorted to Pali Road in Faridabad while working in Delhi. 

The Stated motive behind the murder

The police say a man recognised as Nizamuddin has surrendered in connection with the crime.

The accused claimed to be her husband and said that he and the woman had privately married June without her family’s approval.

The accused said in his confession that he met the woman while volunteering as a civil defence volunteer and that he assisted her in obtaining an identity card, after which they grew close. He said that they married at Saket court on June 11.

He confessed on August 26, he had picked her up on his motorcycle from Lajpat Nagar and confronted her about her relationship with a third person.

They argued, after which he allegedly stabbed her in the heat of the moment.

The autopsy report

On September 5, the post-mortem report by Dr Anshu Sangla, Deputy Commissioner of Police, NIT Faridabad area, stated the cause of the death as shock and haemorrhage due to the antemortem stab injuries and no mention of sexual assault.

The victim had 15 visible injuries – 14 of them are incision cuts, and one is a burn mark. The record suggests there is damage to vital organs – neck, head, chest and others.The family suspects foul play

Commenting on the accused’s murder confession, the family claims it is a conspiracy to defame the victim and distract the case. Because they suspect higher delegates to be involved in her murder as the woman was aware of corrupt activities.

The family said there is no evidence of her marriage with the Nizamuddin mentioned above or anyone else. In the past seven days, the police have also failed to prove their marriage.

According to her family, the incident reeked of involvement of more than one person, further accusing two of the woman’s colleagues in the case.

They also claimed that the victim was also sexually assaulted and had her body mutilated. Thus demanding a high-level probe by a Special Investigation Team (SIT).

Twitter Outrage

The allegations of sexual assault in the case have gone viral on social media, with many people using the murdered woman’s name in a hashtag to demand swift justice.

Socio-political activists from the nation over have been tweeting about the issue, pleading with authorities to look into it further and locate the actual perpetrator.

Twitterati feels there is much more to this murder case than meets the eye and find the core cause of the occurrence.

Investigation Summary 

On August 27, a case was filed against the accused under the IPC section of murder, based on Rabia’s father’s allegation.

Delhi Police detained the accused, brought him to court, and ordered him to Tihar Jail. The Faridabad Police filed a warrant application at the Faridabad district court to remand the accused.

The accused’s production warrant was issued and sent to Tihar Jail. Following the court order, Delhi Police on September 8 produced the arrested in court.

The Faridabad police grabbed the accused on three days of police remand for investigation in the murder case. Vikas Arora, the Faridabad Commissioner of Police, has handed over the topic to the DLF Faridabad Crime Branch for further analysis.

Loose Ends in the Case

In the Faridabad murder case, many questions remain unexplained. Could disinformation be to blame for the anger that has erupted in response to this case? There are several loose ends in the case: the murder weapon remains missing, and there is no proof to back up Nizamuddin’s allegation that he and the deceased woman married.


Lakshmi Sundari
Lakshmi Sundari
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