Delhi HC has allowed duty-free import of The Black Fungus drug


High Court of Delhi has allowed duty-free import of The Black Fungus drug till the Centre decides otherwise.

As a temporary relief, the Delhi High Court on Thursday allowed duty-free imports of the drug amphotericin B, which treats patients with mucormycosis (also known as black fungus), mainly affected patients who have recovered or are recovering from Covid-19.

The court said duty-free imports could be made after the importer provides a deposit until the center has made a final decision on the duty-free exemption.

The Supreme Court said the drug should be used to save the lives of thousands of people who are suffering from mucormycosis. The central government should seriously consider dropping the tariffs at least till these drugs are scarce in India.

Judges Weiping Sanji and Jasmet Singh said, “We direct that if any person makes any import, the same may be cleared by accepting the bond from the importer without actual payment of duty till a final decision on the said aspect is taken.” They also went on to say that “The bond shall have the undertaking that in case the import duty is not waived, the importer shall pay the duty,”

Judge also stated that they had had assurance that the customs will continue without any delay, clear all consignment of medicines required for the treatment of Black Fungus.



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