Digital Marketing: The Messiah of the Digital World 


Digital Marketing is any marketing campaign through electronic means like a computer, tabloid, mobile phone or even a Walkman to display ads in formats as simple as a text to enriched multimedia posts. 

Every year, thousands of people pass by Times Square, New York, witnessing the ever-changing glow of electronic advertisements.

It has been days now when I started noticing that the multitude of those huge 15 feet tall billboards has almost started vanishing. You probably remember those Audi and BMW billboard co-rivalry in 2016 that made creativity and marketing push its boundaries to the extremes.

Whenever a new product was released, the companies took to billboard advertisements like a storm. “Where the eyes went, followed the marketers.” 

Anyone could reason these billboard abandonments with more people sticking their eyes to their phones, even on a ride in the countryside. It is where every business, every product or service, wants to be, flashing straight to the consumer’s eyes.

The front has changed from billboards to anything electronic where even the smallest of marketers can contently outwit your mind with their super valuable products. 

Who can exploit its apogee 

Anyone controlling more eyeballs has more attention. According to Statista, there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide in 2021, all of which are opportunities to grow commerce.

The key to exploiting the apogee of digital marketing is the confluence of offline and online digital marketing. From a small Kirana shop in your neighbourhood to chains of Walmart laid across the globe, they all are in the race to advertise and grow their ideas at the pinnacle of digital marketing.

In the future, even your refrigerators will be someone’s strategy to generate leads for conversion. So don’t miss out on this exemplary marketing method taking over the digital world. 

Ways of Digital Marketing  

Now and then, brand new, customizable strategies are being rolled out for specific businesses, striving to maintain an advantageous position in their niches. Here we have summed up a few must-haves for you to acknowledge before you venture into the depths of Digital Marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO or a vast ocean of opportunities where you can directly interact with the world wide web via interactive and attractive web pages. It is here that you’ll find the perfect amalgam of science and art directing web browsers to rank your website or brand name and gather your potential customers. 

Content Marketing 

With digital marketing taking over the arena, companies have been hiring content strategists at rocketing speeds simply because “Content is King”, as Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft Co., once said.

Content Marketing is an integral part of SEO to attract leads while converting them into potential customers continuously. Many clients are used to holding onto content before actually making a purchase, and that is why digital marketing requires sharable and evergreen content. 

Social Media Marketing (SMM) 

As you read this article, thousands of SMM campaigns are being leashed out on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube by businesses acing in your niche. It is the most efficient way to drive traffic and build a brand reputation online.

A medium for discussion and feedbacks based on metrics from the target audience’s engagement in sharing, liking, commenting and clicking your website. 

Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) 

PPC is a crucial strategy employed for higher conversion rates to your websites. In simple words, Pay-Per-Click advertisement involves posting an ad on a platform like a search engines results page, aka SERP and paying for every time a user clicks on it.

Search engines like Google have complex algorithms governing the same based on the keywords used in the ad, it’s quality and landing page user interface, to name a few. 

Affiliate Marketing 

Working in a sustainable ecosystem is essential too, and it is here when affiliate marketing comes into play. Based on the revenue sharing model, it is letting someone make money by promoting a fellow person’s business.

As a merchant, you have to pay the affiliate on every sale they help you make, and they get a commission for the promotion they did. Even product or service reviews come under the affiliate marketing umbrella.  

Email Marketing 

It is the oldest of all formats of digital marketing listed here and relatively simple to understand. In email marketing, a publicity message is sent to all prospects hoping that they will click it. But the game begins when you have to influence the client to opt-in for such promotional emails.

It becomes tricky when you have to make straightforward content that will be helpful for further notifying them of new product releases and similar events. It involves ensuring they’ll get an option to unsubscribe from the mailing list after they have opted-in etc. 

What makes it the Quintessential of Digital Existence  

Businesses focus on profit and are more specific on KPIs, i.e., Key Performance Indicator, to measure if their strategies are “cost-efficiency” and covering “a broad geographic reach”. Digital Marketing lets your stagnant business get a jumpstart and assures you to give quantifiable results.

Growth is something every entrepreneur chases but is only possible with more long-lived connections with clients so you can easily convert them. There are more benefits and yet more to unearth in this realm of Digital Marketing. 



Ritika Singh
Ritika Singh
I am Ritika Singh currently graduating from Delhi University in B.Sc. Hons Geology. I dream to become a Geologist and explore unknown life-forms as moss on rocks at barren places makes me wonder if there is life possible beyond earth and what could our past and future be. I love to express my raw and random thoughts through writing on nature and anything happening around me grabbing my attention. Among other things i love learning about new disciplines and trying my hands on as many variable things as possible. From knitting to snorkeling, athletics to star gazing you can find me as an avid admirer of everything and anything around us.



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