Digital Sports is the Next Big Thing: The impact of Covid 19


The current COVID 19 crisis has made technology bigger than ever. Different aspects of business are branching out into the digital world, and the sports industry has leveraged the internet.

Many shows and events have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Even the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games were rescheduled for this year.

It’s tragic for sports fans that are unable to attend events live to support their teams. But this has given a chance for sports entertainment to thrive in the digital world.

So what is digital sport? Here are some things that will inform you about the evolving sports industry:

Live streams are taking over TV broadcasts.

Media consumers in the sports field have gone from TV broadcasts to streaming online on the internet. People are no longer bound to the traditional TV and have opted instead for OTT (over the top) streaming platforms.

The NAGRA Sports OTT Streaming platform is an example of this.

These streaming services tap into live sports, which rakes in all the audience who would have otherwise attended live if not for the pandemic.

The 2020 Indian Premier League (IPL) even boosted the subscriber count of Disney+ Hotstar tremendously.

This live streaming brings revenue to the sports industry in a time where ticket sales are impossible.

It also allows consumers to connect directly through their phones and tablets as the device is no longer limited to the television.

This factor vastly broadens content reach and helps in expanding the business.

Better fan experience

Digital sports unlocks streams of opportunities for the fans, aka the customers. Through technology, customers can personalize their experiences.

Providing premium membership and offering a diverse array of entertainment focusing on sports like extra cuts can build loyalty and value.

Giving the reins to the customer strengthens the relationship, which results in long-term memberships.

Viewers are also able to recap old events and matches that are stored on the streaming platforms. This was not possible in the past on TV broadcasts.

Video games for promotion

One old strategy of incorporating sports into the digital enterprise is video games or mobile games.

The FIFA and NBA series are simulation games of football and basketball that have been running since the early 2000s.

The Indian Cricket Premier League and the Indian Premier League have also installed mobile games in their names.

These games promote the popularity of their respective sports as well as individual teams.

Social Media interaction

Digital sports entertainment doesn’t stop at live streaming. Social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are crucial in popularizing sports trends, news and upcoming events.

The insights these platforms offer help in keeping the consumers engaged and stay up to date.

Social media also allows digital interaction between fans and players. This creates the illusion of closeness and familiarity, which keeps the customers coming back.

Unlike the old days of newspaper information, internet users can keep track of the latest news in real-time.

The sports industry has benefitted from this as digital marketing and sponsorships rake revenue from website advertisements.

Digital Sports: The Next Big Thing

The demand for digital sports streaming is rising, and the market continues to grow. Platforms like Amazon Prime, Hulu and ESPN+ are competing to bring the best in the game.

With the pandemic still raging on, virtual entertainment seems to be booming, and for the sports industry, 2021 might be the biggest year it has seen.

Nothing could come close to seeing a ball flying across the field with your own eyes in the stadium.

But the shift from physical to digital isn’t so bad either. It has opened a lot of doors that cater to individual customers for the best experience.

Will the market decline after the pandemic? Nothing can be said for sure. But as of now, the sports industry is growing by the minute with digital entertainment, and there seems to be no stopping.

Himhimi C
Himhimi C
Lalchhanhimi or Himhimi as she goes by is a 2nd-year B.A. student majoring in English Language and Literature at Pachhunga University College. She was born and raised in the hilly areas of Aizawl, Mizoram and currently resides at Bethlehem Veng, Aizawl with her family. An avid lover of Arts and Literature, Himhimi has tried her hand in poetry, story writing and the likes throughout her academic journey. She runs a WordPress blog by the name 'acorndews' where she expresses her creativity freely without the barriers of formal templates and formats. Through her works and writings, she hopes to connect with other souls who may share a similar passion for the art of writing.



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