“Don’t Insult Me Like This”: Mamata Banerjee.


On Saturday, the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee had a tiff with Prime Minister Narendra Modi the day after a meeting to review the damage caused by Cyclone Yaas happened.

At a news conference, Mamata Banerjee said, “Don’t insult me like this. We have got a landslide victory. Is that why you are behaving like this? You tried everything and lost. Why are you quarreling with us every day?”

The Bengal chief minister had a quick 15-minute interaction with him, the Prime Minister at an airbase where the plane landed, and she did not participate in the review meeting. The Chief Minister said that she had to visit a coastal area, so she sought permission from the Prime Minister before leaving.

She went on to say, “I had made plans to visit cyclone-hit areas. I had to travel to Sagar and Digha to see the damage caused by Cyclone Yaas. All my plans were made and ready… then suddenly we get a call that Prime Minister wants to visit Bengal to assess the situation after the cyclone,”

Mamata Banerjee contested the central government’s statement that she made the prime minister and governor wait for 30 minutes. It was the other way around, and she had to wait for 20 minutes at the Tarmac.

She also said, “By the time were reached the place where the PM-CM meeting was to be held, we found out that the PM had already arrived there some time ago and that there was a meeting going on. We were asked to wait outside, told that there would be no entry at the moment because a meeting is going on. We waited patiently for a while. Then, when we asked again, we were told that no one could enter for the next one hour,”

And adding to that, “Then someone told us that the meeting has moved to the conference hall, so the Chief Secretary and I decided to go there. When we reached there, we saw the PM was in a meeting with the Honourable Governor, central leaders, and even some MLAs of the opposition party,”

“This was clearly against the brief. It was supposed to be only a PM-CM meeting. So, we decided to submit our report to the PM, and then with the Prime Minister’s permission, we went to Digha. I sought the Prime Minister’s permission three times,” she went on to add.

The chief minister said that she was “willing to touch the Prime Minister’s feet if it calms his ego” because she wants what is most beneficial to the people of Bengal.



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