Dumka rerun: Woman set on fire by ex-lover dies


Dumka rerun: Woman set on fire by ex-lover dies

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Kumari Jagriti Sourya,08october,2022

DUMKA: A 22-year-old  lady was set burning in her sleep by her previous boyfriend, early on  Friday in Dumka, in a definite rerun of a comparative occurrence in a similar town on August 23, when a high school young lady was set ablaze by her jilted lover , leading to her death .

Police on Friday said Maruti Kumari , 22, surrendered to her wounds at the Rajendra institute of medical Sciences ( RIMS ) in Ranchi on Friday, hours after Rajesh Raut , 23, her ex burst into her room and poured petroleum on her and struck a match.

The young lady used to live with her maternal grandparents in Bharatpur town under Jarmundi police headquarters since adolescence. Rajesh was captured by the police, who as per the assertion given by Maruti, had taken steps to kill her in a similar style as Ankita Kumari, on the off chance that she didn’t stick to his proposition of wedding him, regardless of previously getting hitched in February this year.

“I could recognize Rajesh, while he was getting away from subsequent to setting me ablaze in my rest,” Maruti told police within the sight of a judge at Phulo Jhano medical College and science, where she was at first surged with extreme consume wounds and later alluded to RIMS.

Police said the victim comes from wmirginal family in Bharatpur town under Jama police headquarters region. The insight about the young lady’s passing at RIMS ignited outrage among relatives and occupants, who have now seen two consecutive terrible incident one after another. “I request the accused be hanged to death, so my little girl gets justice ,” Manju Devi, the casualty’s mom, told columnists.

The regional organization gave Rs 1 lakh to the casualty’s family for treatment before she was raced to RIMS, inferable from her basic condition.

“The accused has admitted to have perpetrated the wrongdoing and has been shipped off to prison,” the controller cum-official accountable for Jarmundi police headquarters said.






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