Elon Musk sees population collapse on Earth, says Mars needs people


Elon Musk expressed concern over population collapse on the Earth and thinks Mars needs human beings.

Musk replied to a Twitter handle, ‘Tesla Owners of the East Bay, ‘ which asked about the declining population. 

A user tweeted that population collapse could be upon us, but we appreciate that you, good sir, are still making substantial efforts to stave it off.

The question was indirectly pointing out that Musk has seven kids. 

Understanding the hidden intention behind the Tweet, Musk said that he is trying to set a good example. 

Population collapse is a much bigger problem than people realize, and that’s just for Earth. Humans are the custodians of other life on Earth. Let us bring life to Mars!

For many years Elon Musk’s SpaceX is developing Starship to launch cargo and people on missions to the moon and Mars.

 A Los Angeles creative agency Activista criticized Musk’s mars mission by placing a billboard outside SpaceX’s California headquarters, which says “Mars Sucks.”

The billboard was placed right outside Space X’s campus ahead of Earth Day, 2021, and expresses disappointment over Musk’s focus on Mars rather than restoring Earth.

Several other users showed their disappointment over Musk’s Tweet.

 One user said, “You are a genius and a visionary. 

But how can the Earth ever be less hospitable than Mars?

 Even realizing the worst global warming outcome or even a nuclear holocaust, our atmosphere will be more suitable. I suspect another reason for going to Mars.”

Other users disagreed with Musk’s population collapse claim. 

They tweeted,” Population collapse? I see someone has never been to India. The planet has four times as many people as when I was born.”

Is population collapsing?

The Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation report says the world’s fertility rate may decline by 2050. The study got published in ‘The Lancet’. It highlights the below points:

  • By 2100, fertility rates in 183 of 195 countries will not be high enough to maintain current populations without liberal immigration policies.
  • The world population is forecasted to peak in 2064 at around 9.7 billion people and fall to 8.8 billion by the century’s end, with 23 countries seeing populations decline by more than 50%, including Japan, Thailand, Italy, and Spain.
  • Dramatic declines in working-age populations are predicted in countries like India and China, which will hamper economic growth and shift global powers. 
  • Studies warn response to population decline must not compromise progress on women’s freedom and reproductive rights.

IHME Director Dr Christopher Murray, who led the research, said that this study provides governments of all countries an opportunity to rethink their policies on migration, workforces and economic development.

Dr Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet, said that this vital research charts a future we need to be planning urgently.

 It underlines the importance of protecting and strengthening the sexual and reproductive rights of women. 

He added that the 21st century would see a revolution in the story of our human civilization. Africa and the Arab World will shape the future, while Europe and Asia will lag in their influence.

 By the end of the 21st century, the world will be multipolar, with countries like India, Nigeria, China, and the US being dominant.

 This will indeed be a new world we should be preparing for today.

What is Elon Musk’s plan about Mars?

Elon Musk has planned to send 1 million people to Mars by 2050 by launching 3 Starship rockets every day and creating many jobs on the red planet.

Musk didn’t specify what the rockets would carry to Mars, but lots of food, water, building materials, tools, and advanced life support systems will be part of it. 

Thus he estimated he’d need a whole fleet of Starships to build a permanent settlement.

1,000 Starships hypothetically could transport about 100 megatons of stuff to Mars; that’s the volume Musk has planned to send to Mars per year. 

With a ship ferrying about 100 passengers, that would make for a total migration of about 100,000 people.

Musk also suggested that he plans to capitalize on the brief windows of time in which the orbits of Earth and Mars align – this comes about every 25 months

That allows spacecraft to spring off Earth’s rotation and set themselves on a low-fuel journey towards Mars.

Anirudha Yerunkar
Anirudha Yerunkar
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