Environmental and Technical Issues with 5G


The commercials and distractions start with kids before 5G. The corporations involved in the packing business mislead us about the integrity of their actions.

Cigarette companies marketed against lung cancer and paid scientists to provide data that worked in their favour despite the noticeable and lethal side effects.

Soda and plastic bag companies have done everything they can to build campaigns centred around recycling.

So, we continue using their cheap plastic products that pollute the earth for centuries after using them.

About a few years ago, before 5G connectivity had entered the views of an ordinary individual, I had heard from researchers and scientists that 5G had significantly impacted animals’ migration patterns and damaged other gentle ecosystems throughout the world.

The history of corporation’s vs people has been unwelcoming since there have been corporations in the first place.

If you remember clearly, this one organization called Exxon launched campaigns to misrepresent the public about climate change to their indulgence.

I digress: As much as I love the idea of high-speed wireless data, are we considering the apparent half-truth campaign they have been bashing about?

We have reached a time that if you say No to the 5G connectivity, you’re immediately termed a conspiracy theorist.

Companies have a long history of using the mainstream media to divert the masses’ attention and hide the truth from them.

5G is definitely harmful to the environment, and it has already been established with the advent of 4G; imagine the damage 5G would do if it’s rolled out effectively everywhere.

Infiltration and captivation are inversely correlated: less infiltration = more captivation.

Previous generation technology like 3G or 4Gwas already harmful, and more captivation will not alleviate this problem but instead could make it more severe.

Attempt and pour some cold water on you, and see what materializes.

Your whole self-directed nervous system is linked to your skin. How many unintentional systems were triggered by just your skin?

It is now clear that the 5G rollout indeed has some benefits in increasing the connectivity throughout.

Still, we cannot ignore its downsides regarding the technical and environmental issue it comes within damaging the only planet capable of supporting life.

This is why we need studies and real-time research to see what is going on with these breakthrough technologies and not a universal live living experiment.

Environmentalist throughout the country has been raising their voice.

One popular actress Juhi Chawla also did the same in Delhi High Court, but it was judged as a mere publicity stunt.

I am not saying that this does not have a good side, but there need strict regulations regarding the radiation, which comes with a 5G rollout that cannot be avoided by any animal or human 24 hours a day and all through the year.

These days, corporations work with the motto or make money now and get away with it later, which needs to be stopped.

If there are no regulations over this, then we will be in a much bigger mess as a planet than we are now.

As a community and species, I hope one day we wake up and stop this greedy practice of misinformation.

Shilpa Sharma
Shilpa Sharmahttp://www.knifeandroses.wordpress.com
I am caught between being a reader and a wannabe writer, I find myself balancing between the two. I write when I need to find my sanity in this pretty much insane world. I write about a lot of things (a jack of all) but whether it is of any use to you depends on your ability to perceive and pay attention to it. Words are my playground where writing for me is the sweetest joy and the wildest curse. Drop me a line if you want to offer me a kickass book deal. Also, don't forget to smile. Here's my website: www.knifeandroses.wordpress.com



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