Ex-wife Sussanne Khan wishes Hrithik Roshan on his birthday, calls him the best dad ever.

Happy Birthday Hrithik ex-wife Sussanne Khan wishes him.
Hrithik Roshan with his family

Hrithik Roshan, the actor, turned 48 on Monday. Sussanne Khan, Hrithik’s ex-wife, wished him a video of him and their sons.

Several fans also wished Hrithik in the comments section. One fan said, “Happy birthday to the best dancer actor.”

Sussanne Khan Says about her Divorce with Hrithik Roshan

Sussanne and Hrithik married in 2000, shortly after releasing his debut film Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai. After declaring their separation in 2013, they divorced the following year. In a joint statement, the pair said, “We are two individuals who respect and care for one another and have made our own decisions.”

We are the parents of two exceptional children who entrust us with their protection and care. There is nothing that will be able to change that.” In a 2019 interview with Bollywood Hungama, Sussanne opened up about her divorce.

She said that their marriage may have ended, but her relationship with Hrithik is sacred and that he is her support system. “In Hrithik, I have a robust support system. We are not married, but we are close friends.

That zone is unique to me, and it never makes me unhappy or lonely. My children are achievers. They are in charge of organizing the event, “she stated

Sussanne Khan stated that if she and Hrithik Roshan split up, she would never want to ‘move on.’

Sussanne discussed her divorce in a 2019 interview with Bollywood Hungama. Her marriage may have dissolved, but she maintains that her relationship with Hrithik is holy and that he is her rock. “In Hrithik, I have a support system. We are not married, but we are close friends. I don’t feel sad or lonely in that zone since it is so sacred. My children are achievers. “They plan everything,” she explained.

Hrithik gives gifts to his admirers Vikram Vedha’s first appearance is on his birthday when he transforms into a bloodied gangster.

Hrithik’s Upcoming Film Vikram Vedha 

Hrithik's first look in his upcoming movie Vikram Vedha
Hrithik’sFirst look in his upcoming movie Vikram Vedha
  • On his birthday, Hrithik Roshan gave fans his first glimpse from the Vikram Vedha remake.
  • He was wearing a kurta and had a scruffy beard and messy hair in the photo.
  • Bloodstains were all over his face and chest. Original ‘Vikram’ Madhavan reacts to Hrithik’s Vikram Vedha look.
  • Actor R Madhavan, who played Vikram in the 2017 Tamil film Vikram Vedha, has responded to Hrithik Roshan’s first look as Vedha in the Hindi remake.
  • “Now that’s a ‘Vedha’ I do want to watch,” Madhavan tweeted, quoting Hrithik’s photo. Wow, this is incredible, buddy. Damnnnnn.” In the original film, Madhavan played Vikram, a cop who takes on the mobster Vedha.
  • Madhavan as Vikram in the Tamil original and Hrithik’s first look in Hindi remake.
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