Extraordinary Attorney Woo is going to have a second season


Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a Netflix and ENA drama starring Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh, is causing quite a stir in Korea and among international fans.

One of the most popular Korean dramas is Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The show is expected to return for a second season based on the positive response it has received. On Wednesday, the show’s creators hinted at a sequel. The announcement comes during the final week of the 16-episode series, which airs its penultimate episode.

The CEO of the production banner AStory, Lee Sang Baek, also stated that the new chapter of the K-drama will air in 2024. “We will produce the second season of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ thanks to the generosity of many people. It is challenging to coordinate the schedules of the cast and production team, so there will be much discussion. The goal is to have more than 90% of the original cast members in the drama as long as there are no abnormalities”. Lee said in a statement provided to entertainment outlet Soompi. 

Extraordinary Attorney Woo directed by Yoo In Shik and written by Moon Ji Won, tells the story of Woo Young Woo (Park Eun Bin), an autistic lawyer working at a large law firm. She has Asperger’s Syndrome. She, however, does not let her disability hold her back and joins a significant law firm, where she uses her 164-point IQ, fantastic memory, and creativity to solve cases.

Extraordinary attorney woo
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While fans love the show for its sensitive deception of autism and Park Eun Bin’s heartfelt performance, others have struggled to grapple with the show’s depth and sensitivity. Kang Tae Oh, Kang Ki Young, Jeon Bae Soo, Baek Ji Won, Ha Yoon Kyung, Joo Jong Hyuk, Jin Kyung, Joo Hyun Young, and Im Sung Jae also appear in the film.

Aside from the AStory, the series’ producers include KT Studio Genie and Nangman Crew. “As long as no unexpected changes occur, the goal is to retain more than 90% of the current membership. As a result, it will take some time to coordinate, but the plan to produce season 2 has not changed” he continued. Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which premiered on Netflix on June 29, is also available in select regions, including India.

There was a case where the popular TikTok creator @introducemywife2 came under fire for a TikTok that allegedly trivialized the show. The TikTok video, titled “Introducing My Extraordinary Wife,” shows his wife mocking Woo Young Woo’s way of speaking and some of the character’s mannerisms. Naturally, netizens are outraged by the video and took to social media to comment on its “highly insensitive” and “disrespectful” nature, mocking and desensitizing an individual’s condition.

K-dramas fans are perplexed that the TikTok content creators completely missed the point of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, which is to promote empathy and understanding through the character of Park Eun Bin. Not only TikTok creators but also several Youtubers have come under fire for mocking Park Eun Bin’s character and exploiting her autistic condition in order to gain views and traction.

The show’s popularity and each character’s bond with each other have increased its popularity more. Young Woo and her method of meeting her best friend are also frequently discussed among fans and netizens. The series began with a 0.948 percent average nationwide viewership rating but quickly skyrocketed to enormous domestic and international popularity, reaching a personal high of 15.780 percent with its ninth episode. The series’ final episode will air tomorrow, August 18, 2022.

Let’s wish the best to the whole team for the second season. We hope that we’ll receive the same cast with the same energy and with a more amazing storyline.

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