No Survivors Found, Pilot Falls Unconcious, Sonic Booms Goes Viral, Jets Scrambled

In a supersonic pursuit of a small plane with an unresponsive pilot that violated airspace over Washington, D.C., and eventually crashed into the Virginia highlands, the United States of America scrambled F-16 fighter jets, according to officials.

An Image of the American Premiere Fighter Jet, the F-16. Pic: USAF.

According to Virginia state police, there were no surviving individuals at the crash scene.

No Survivors Found

The F-16 jets are to have created a sonic boom over Washington, District of Colorado, the American capital as they chased the rogue aircraft. The boom alarmed residents in the vicinity with many of them taking to social media.

Four individuals were aboard the plane when it crashed claimed one source. In the citation model of the Cessna, there is enough accommodation for seven to twelve people.

According to the state police from the Virginia police force, no survivors were found at the site where the Cessna crashed after a team of first responders arrived at the crash site after a few hours

Encore Motors from Melbourne, not the Australian one, but the one situated in Florida was confirmed as the owning company of the plane, after confirmation from renowned plane tracker FlightAware.

The owner of Encore Motors, John Rumpel stated that a child and grandchild of his along with a caretaker were on board the plane.

Rumpel was reported as saying by the Post that they knew nothing about the crash adding that they were also in contact with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Subconscious Pilot

According to an announcement from the North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD), despite multiple attempts by the US military and jets to communicate with the pilot, the subconscious pilot did not respond eventually. the aircraft crashed in Virginia, in the vicinity of the George Washington National Forest.

A second source stated that the aeroplane that eventually crashed seemed to have been running automatically.

According to the source, the aircraft which belonged to the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) had permission to fly at supersonic speeds, causing residents of the Washington DC region to hear a sonic boom, adding that NORAD planes additionally used flares in an attempt to draw the pilot’s attention.

The fighter jets did not cause the accident, a U.S. official claimed.

The Aircraft was supposed to head towards New York and land at the Long Island MacArthur Airport, which is almost 80 kilometres from Manhattan, however, the aeroplane seemed to have approached the New York region before abruptly making a near reverse turn. The plane supposedly departed from Tenessee, from the Elizabethton Municipal Airport situated in Elizabethton.

Rising Cases of Plane Crashes

The rising amounts of unconscious pilots is one of concern, this situation is not unprecedented. The 11-time PGA-winning golfer Payne Stewart and four other passengers also tragically died in 1999 after the plane they were in travelled hundreds of miles with the captain and other passengers unconscious crashed in South Dakota. The crash left no survivors.

Payne Stewart after Winning the U.S Open Golf Championship. Pic: AP.

In the case of the golfer’s tragic flight, passengers lost consciousness due to oxygen deprivation which was a result of the cabin pressure dropping. This led to the crash killing everyone onboard.

Similar to this, 9 years ago, a small U.S. private plane went on a significant detour from its charted course carrying an unconscious pilot crashed off the coast of Jamaica thus invoking a U.S. security alert, which included a fighter jet escort.

Sonic Boom

The sonic stirred up the attention of a significant number of people in the Washington D.C. area after hearing a band, which was a result of the sonic boom. The event was felt in the ground and the walls of many buildings and many people residing in neighbouring states of Maryland and even Northern Virginia say that they heard it. This event led people to take to social media.

Strong shockwaves called sonic booms are created when an object moves faster than the speed of sound. The air in the path of an item approaching and exceeding the speed of sound (about 767 mph or 1,235 km/h at sea level) cannot get out of the way quickly enough, leading to a sudden rise in pressure. 

The loud and recognisable booming sound is the result of this instantaneous pressure surge. Sonic booms can be felt and heard over a long distance, frequently scaring ground dwellers. Despite the fact that they are a result of supersonic flying, precautions are taken to lessen their influence in populated regions.

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