Fake Covid-Shield Vaccines Detected in India, and Uganda, WHO Launches a Medical Alert


The matter of fake covid vaccines has been prevailing in the country since the early days of vaccines availability in India this year.

Over the past few months, citizens across the country have encountered various incidents concerning false vaccines.

During the early months, in the prevalence of the second wave of coronavirus, the government had published records of the shortage of vaccines all over the country.

Taking advantage of this situation, various authorities and organisations in India started manifesting false vaccines and scheming the desperate general public to make money.

Recently, the Serum Institute of India, who is the producer of the Covid-shield, also announced various cases involving the fake vaccines experienced by the citizens of the country—seeing which the World Health Organisation (WHO) has rebased a medical warning in regards to the false production of the Covid-19 vaccines, which have been eliminated in both India and Uganda.


The WHO issues a statement saying that “The presence of false antibody in our society creates a serious situation threat to public health and in turn increases load on the powerless populations and the healthcare systems.”

The global surveillance and monitoring system of WHO has also evaluated news on fake medical vaccines around July and August in the present year.

Even though the government’s put immense work to strive to conclude genuine vaccines to its citizens, a situation like this has taken over the country and its residents.

WHO also claims that usage of the original covid vaccine should be done under the guidance provided by the respective government authorities of the nation.

They also said that the authenticated vaccines ensure active protection of individuals of 18 years or above from the deadly disease corona containing the virus SARS-CoV-2.”

Some of the vials of the vaccine obtained containing fake antidote material are also said to have deliberately misprinted their real identity, composition, and source.

According to records in India, a Covishield of 2ml got discovered, while the reports claimed that India never manufactured the vaccine in 2ml, which is estimated to be four doses in total.

While in Uganda, the batch of covid shields containing code 4121Z040 is found, with an expiry date (10.08.2021), which according to sources, is also considered fake and deemed by WHO.

Actions Taken

Fake Covid-Shield Vaccines Detected In India, And Uganda, WHO Launches A Medical Alert

It is arising with this situation, WHO has suggested reinforcing extra precautions within the supply chain of countries and areas that can be affected by these frauds.

It also has hospitals, clinics, health centres, wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies, and any other suppliers of medical products to be extra careful when purchasing these antidote supplements.

It further asked the consumers to vigilantly perceive the authorisation and licenced identification given by the supplier and the product’s physical condition.

If somebody consumes the false protection serum by chance, then one must seek immediate medical help and report the complication to the National regulatory authorities.

Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma
Shivya Kumar Verma completed her bachelor’s degree in BA public policy. Since a young age, she had a keen interest in writing. Writing has always been a part of her journey to this very moment. Her key area of interest in writing revolves around genres like Fashion and lifestyle, entertainment, social issues and awareness etc. She believes as a writer limiting yourself to an area block your experiences, so always makes it a point to explore new topics in order to gain new experience and nurture her writing. That’s why she strongly resides to be a student at heart and is open to learn new things .



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