Beyoncé has made her highly anticipated return with her Renaissance tour, which began this month. The extensive three-hour performance showcases a dazzling array of custom-made fashion outfits that are sure to impress.

Beyoncé at an event. (Photo: Deadline)

Starting in Stockholm, the tour will continue with an impressive 57 stadium dates worldwide. The disco-themed show encompasses themes of female empowerment and Black pride, perfectly complementing the high-energy album. Beyoncé takes the stage in a series of glamorous catsuits and captivating metallic corsets created by renowned luxury brands and designers such as Alexander McQueen, Loewe, and David Koma.

Fans live a ‘dream come true’ moment

David Koma, one of the designers involved, expressed his excitement about being a part of this cultural moment. He praised Beyoncé’s deep involvement in every aspect of the production and referred to her as both a true artist and a superwoman. Koma, who has previously collaborated with Beyoncé and her team, found it natural to join forces again.

According to Koma, this global tour is an extraordinary event that will shape culture. Watching videos from the tour, it becomes evident that it offers a once-in-a-lifetime magical experience that attendees will cherish forever. With 57 dates around the world, countless people will have the opportunity to witness this spectacle. For those unable to attend, social media will provide a means to catch glimpses of the show from the comfort of their homes. Given the immense creativity involved in staging such a production, it is only fitting to collaborate with designers for special couture and custom looks.

  • Here’s a close look at Beyoncé’s unforgettable custom wardrobe for her Renaissance tour.

Alexander McQueen

Beyoncé showcased her affinity for Alexander McQueen once again during her London performance on the tour. This marked the second time she wore an outfit from the fashion house’s autumn/winter 2023 collection. The stunning ensemble consisted of a deep red glittering dress paired with over-the-knee boots, creating a captivating look on stage.

Roksanda brand

As Beyoncé made her way to London for her ‘Renaissance’ tour, her impeccable fashion choices remained consistent. During her performance, she graced the stage in a breathtaking custom ensemble by Roksanda. The outfit, characterized by its stunning blue hue, included coordinated gloves and a gracefully structured floating skirt.


Paco Rabanne

Embracing the disco vibes of her latest album, Beyoncé showcased a custom outfit by Paco Rabanne during her Paris concert. The eye-catching ensemble consisted of a silver assemblage dress crafted from round mirror-effect plates, a signature style often associated with the brand.

Photo: Paco Rabanne

Michael Kors Collection

As Beyoncé arrived in London for the next leg of her tour, she embraced a more refined aesthetic in her wardrobe choices. She decided on a tailored ensemble, consisting of a chocolate-and-camel glen plaid flannel blazer and a custom-made halter jumpsuit in the same pattern. To complement her look, she accessorized with a Dior bag, vintage Chanel earrings and stylish Louboutin shoes.

Photo: Footwear News


During the opening night of the tour, one of the most remarkable outfits was a custom catsuit created by Loewe, designed in collaboration with costume designer Shiona Turini. This eye-catching ensemble showcased Loewe’s distinctive trompe l’oeil hands motif, accompanied by matching rubber opera gloves. Beyoncé added the perfect finishing touch to the look with dazzling Tiffany & Co jewelry.


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